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(Dispatch #2 of 2, Day 48)
Aaron in Antarctica, day 48 continued, where was I, oh yea the frost in the tent thing, and I’ve learned to leave the doors quite open, maybe a foot, foot and a half and the back vented as well. There’s nothing I hate worse in the morning than frost days where you riggle around and frost pours on you, not pleasant. I actually learned that in boy scouts. You just can not keep a tent absolutely closed up, ironically, you gotta keep that thing quite open. Let’s see, the bungee still good on the tow rope, yes it is, it’s not as strong as a fresh bungee, I could probaly convert it over, but why mess with something that’s working? This design is much better than the loop style because there’s no hard shock and impulse on me loop style trade so. That’s actually still working well, if I didn’t have that bungee on there my back would of been trashed a long time ago. Berry Pittman asked, what day do I expect to reach the pole? Oh yea, probably mid January right now probably the 18th/19th we’ll see how it goes. As long as I can keep up my mileage 10, 10 plus, it’ll all go pretty well, but if I start slogging out, well we’ll have to see. Other than that just actually hoping for a tiny bit of breeze really, funny, and that wind punishes you, you think, oh my gosh I can’t stand this stuff and then when goes away, your like ohhh, I actually do need that, takes a while to get it stablized usually the first session’s full of trash. A shout ot to Kelly, Kris and Lynn, hope you had a good time at Ignite in Jackson Hole there for a birthday there. Hope all is well with everybody and your holiday plans are going well. Out!
(See #1 of 2, Day 48 for beginning fo story)

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica. Camp position South 81 degrees 48 decimal 326 minutes, position west 080 degrees 58 decimal 821 minutes. Time traveled 8 hours, distance 8 miles. I finally