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(Dispatch #1 of 2, Day 48)
Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 48. Camp position South 84 degrees 54 decimal 140 minutes, position West 080 degrees 39 decimal 364 minutes. Time of travel 9 hours distance 11.7 miles, elevation about 4,500 feet. My cache is currently 10 nautical miles to the South of me at 184 degrees South, it wasn’t dropped today cause apparently there was bad weather for the landing for the continuing, hopefully it will get dropped tomorrow otherwise it’s gonna be kind of an interesting experience. I knew that I was going up this massive hill, I didn’t even realize it was a hill until well into my second session. I was going along and all of a sudden felt weak and dying, like gosh dang it now what’s wrong with me, and I look back and a couple miles back like oooh this is the thing I was looking at all day. It’s crazy, it’s such a long hill, you look at it and it makes it look so far, it’s kinda discouraging, I mean sure, yea yea, I am still 300 mile to the pole, but my gosh, that was crazy to grind up. But the huge payoff, I finally see the Transantarctic Mountain range, holy cow that looks awesome. They’re extremely stark, steep and they’re so far away that actually look a little bit orangish even though the air is perfectly clear here, at first I thought it was some sort of base just because of the shape and size, but as I’m going along I realize, ah man no way, but then a couple other peaks started showing up and I realized, dang that’s finally them, I can’t believe I had to get that far to actually seem them, but I came up a huge rise headed towards the Theils corner so that was kinda weird. Got a couple questions here, have I had problems with frost in the tent? well, since I’m pretty much roasting at the moment, falling asleep, no, no frost in the tent, uh if I do accidentally let my water steam over, yea I get plenty of frost in the vestibule but not in the tent. I had frost problems probably the first week til I dialed things in.
Dispatch cut off.
(see dispatch #2 of 2, Day 48 for continued story)

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hey Aaron in Antarctica, day 23. Camp position South 81 degrees 07 decimal 271 minutes, position West 080 degrees 53 decimal 796 minutes. Time traveled 10 hours, distance traveled 8