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(dispatch #2 of 2, Day 46)
Aaron in Antarcica, day 46 continued. Like I was saying, there’s a question that came in from my Uncle Roy about how do I keep my boot interiors dry from day to day, he had to ring his out, if I got to the where I’m skiing and I got so hot that I had to ring mine out, I’d probably already have frost bite and I would have been done long ago. I have to be ultra carful about not sweating things out, I’ve done it once or twice unfortunately, it was a warm day otherwise I would have paid the price. Case in point, several days ago I had to push to get somewhere, when I stopped and finally made camp my feet were pretty cold, I’m like, ah that’s not good, got in the tent, got them off, the liners are wool, there’s actually frost on the outside of the liners and they were pretty darn moist, definitely a bad thing so. What I do is make sure that they’re not super soaked, but I haven’t had that yet and I put the liners in my sleeping bag with me every night. In the morning they’re good and dry, just make sure I don’t sweat them out myself. So it actually works pretty well. Yea it’s uh, if you’re having to ring out your boot liners skiing or cross countrying or whatever, you need to change your clothing, you’re way too hot. My difficulty is I have to tow just on the edge of being cold, cause by the end of the session, I get pretty darn warm, in fact even now when this weird icy fog came in, all of a sudden the sun came out and oh my gosh I got hot, so I had to stop and refit and do costume changes, it’s kinda tough. My dad asked about how the sun is here and yes it literally circles around your head, it doesn’t ever set. I’m towing 7 days a week and have been for the past month so, for at least another 30/33 days I’m going to be towing day in day out, there’s no day off on Saturday or Sunday for me, it’s all out, everyday, 9 hours, get up and let’s go. How many days do I travel? Seven days a week. Rest? Pretty much soon as I can get to bed here and I wake up at 6:00. The sun, yes it is bright, right now it’s foggy so it’s not so bad but never the less when you wake up in a dark sleeping bag it’s amazingly bright outside so I have to wear one of those funky eye masks. I didn’t do that for a good portion early in this trip, used just my hood and pretty much just had constant insomnia, could not sleep. Think of the function of having the sun in your eyes actually activates the chemicals that wake you up, so you never really get to sleep so, with that eye mask it really smashes it on my face it’s really improved my sleeping and I’ve felt a lot better that’s for sure, so, that’s been pretty nice. Yea it’s kinda weird when this weird fog came in, it surprised me it reminded me of that old bad monster movie, The Fog (laugh), kinda creepy cause when it came in, you think, oh no I’m gonna loose the track and you have to fight some more, furtunately it was reletively thin so the sun still comes through and I can navigate, but. Gonna keep pushing it, gotta hit those caches, I only have about 4 and a half days of reserve food so, my mileage drops to dramatically I’m in trouble. Hope all is well. Hope the holiday’s is starting to march for people. Out!
(See distaptch #1 of 2, Day 46 for beginning of story)

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica. Camp position South 81 degrees 48 decimal 326 minutes, position west 080 degrees 58 decimal 821 minutes. Time traveled 8 hours, distance 8 miles. I finally