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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 45. Camp position South 84 degrees 19 decimal 177 minutes, position West 080 degrees 17 decimal 511 minutes. Time of travel 9 hours, distance 12.3 miles. Finally cracked the 12 mile mark, probably won't be able to do it again cause it was perfect today. Sun was out but there was a good breeze to keep me cool. The track for the sled was absolutely, no not absolutely but nearly resistance free making things exceedingly easy. I did go over a dome, a huge dome in fact, so much so I didn't even realize it until I came over and saw the massive plain on the other side. For some reason seeing a vast empty expanses from up high is kind of scary and I don't know why, kinda weird. But, let's see it was a nice day, hopefully it's just as good tomorrow that would be really nice, I'm about 46 miles North of my cache so. Probably 4 and a half days if everything goes well, no white outs or ragers show up. A question, does the sun go in a circle around me? from my dad. Yes, absolutely the sun literally stays at roughly the same altitude and spins around me 24/7, it's the weirdest thing ever and right on December 22nd it will be at the highest, been watching it rise in the sky slowly so that'a been kind of fun. A shout out to James, Jim Clinkscales and the kids at Pilgrim Lutheran School, thank you very much for following me and I hope to be able to stop by and maybe give a little talk on what I've done here. Also a shout out to Jim's wife and kids, Trudy and Candace and Daniel, thanks for following. Another question that came in from Lory and John over at Human Edge Tech, is it easier to pull the sleds now that the skis are off? no definitely not. The skis cut down drag force, 30 to 50 percent so having the skis on there is a definite advantage. The disavantage, two of them, is tracking is much poorer, without doing testing and equipment it's tough to tell but I can just tell it's easier with skis on and I did the measurement with a luggage scale so I know the exact percentage. But also, with skis on and the tracking is poor, especially crashing in a sastrugi can become much more problematic cause they'll slide into the holes a bit worse so I'm not exactly sure how that all works in the evenness. Another thing, pulling a sled is once that thing starts to sink, instead of running it actually becomes a plow so there's a certain weight per sled where it goes from great to totally horrible depending on the track. The other question is, how did I choose my diet? Uh it's pretty complex, I went through what other people have used and I've tried out different diets in three expeditions across Yellowstone and also on a trek across the Tundra in Greenland and I definitely miss vegetables. I mean I usually eat pretty well so this diet of cookies, Lara bars, Pro bars, chocolate, shot blocks, dehydrated food and cereal, I could do without it but weight for weight, that's about the only way I can really figure out how to get better calories. I take Emergen-C to make up the vitamin short fall so. Actually I didn't bring a multi vitamin but oh well. Um yea the food thing, that's definitely a complex question to answer. I mean how do you get 6,000 calories without carrying huge huge weight, really the only way is fat. I mean if you look at how many calories are in pecan sandies and shortbread, you'd be blown away how many things those bad boys have. Plus butter of course and I don't like almond butter at all so regular butter is it. Hopefully I answered your questions. Shoot me an email if you have more, please. Thanks. Out!

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