Audio Dispatch

Hello, Aaron in Antarctica. Day 44. Camp position South 84 degrees, 06 decimal 938 minutes, position West 080 degrees 11 decimal 646 minutes. Distance traveled 10 miles, time 9 hours. Weather continues to be kind of tough to deal with, it was breezy in the morning and then kind of dropped down with the clouds marching across, there’s fog, all sorts of variety and interesting things happened today, that’s for sure. Ah, man, the track I was running burned off, I had a navigational snaffu, shall we call it, headed South East for about a half an hour getting way off where I needed to be so I headed back over the main line. Caught it or well caught it, got to where my GPS told me I needed to be and then continued South. This must be at least day 5 of soft snow, unless a big wind comes up, it’s gonna be the way it’s gonna be for quite awhile. It does save my feet from the pounding cause my heals, my toes, the joints in them, especially the big toe, are just sorer than heck. Also I got into a big rush for a minute and went all out and sweated up a bunch of stuff and there’s actually ice in my kartankers, it was a dumb thing to do but there you are. I’m currently at 9 days rations and probably about 60 miles from my next cache. That’s a little tight for me so, I’ve got some left over food, I’ve just been kind of packing along and I’m gonna do that tomorrow and not eat into any of my ration cause if I get hung up in a white out or something happens, I’m gonna be in a world of hurt that’s for sure. Definitely don’t want to do that. Oh gosh, um, everything is doing okay past that. Man it is way colder here than it was farther north, either that or I’m just fatigued and wiped out, I don’t know, but the cold biting through a lot of my gear all of the sudden so. Maybe it’s just a storm coming through or it was the icy fog last night, who knows but ouch ouch ouch. I want to give a shout out to RLS Technology, makers of the Pill Minder. When you’re getting to that time in life where you need to start taking pills but you have a little trouble remembering them, the Pill Minder is definitely the product to have. I’ve used it before and I’ve known and seen other people that used it and really enjoy it. I really appreciate their sponsorship, so if you get a chance click on over to sponsors and check out the link there if you could please. Hope all is well, thanks. Out!

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