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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 43. Camp postion South 83 degrees 57 decimal 141 minutes, position West 080 degrees 07 decimal 388 minutes. I’m only 3 miles away from the 84th parallel, WooHoo! Time of travel 9 hours, distance 11 miles, 1,1 miles. Holy crud what a costume changing day today was, the wind varied almost a thousand percent through out the day, from anywhere from basically dead still to about 10 knots. Unbelievable! It started off a little bit breezy, it was perfect, got dressed up for that, I thought, oh man I’m gonna be able to rock this thing. Going along, going along and then, whoa I’m getting hot, air stopped, so I probably changed my clothing and shifted my gear, I don’t know, 10, 12 times easy. It’s weird here, must like how it is in space, where the radiation from the sun is so intense that you roast and yet it’s freezing. Case in point, I’m skiing along trying to stay cool, cause there’s absolutely no wind, I take off my jacket, I’m literally down to a long sleeve wool, which amounts to a 6 tee shirt but expensive as heck, I’ve got my jacket drapped over my neck and shoulders so they won’t get incinerated cause they will get burned to a crisp, secong degree, no doubt. And yet I’m skiing along and on the shade side I pull up my long sleeve about 4 inches to try and bleed off some heat, maybe 5 minutes, 7 tops, my skin is steering cold, It say probably minus 15 I’m guessing, I have no idea, the thermometer in the tent is always crazy off cause it gets hot in here but. So I can actually be just about to break out and sweat, my feet get that hot feeing, my fingers get that hot feeling like awe crap I’m gonna sweat, and yet the skin on my arm is on fire because it’s frozen, it’s the weirdest thing ever here. I mean really I need and umbrella for days like this, maybe one of those sun shade parasol umbrellas, that would be awesome, but not, too windy here anyway, normally. Got to watch some cirrus and cirrostratus clouds roll through, normally in North America that portends bad storm. Here, uh based on the weather forcast, it doesn’t portend a heck of a lot, however there is a fog bank to the East I saw slowly rising up and apparently it’s gonna hit me tomorrow and punish me. Which means white out, the probably second most difficult travel experience I have here, number one being 40, 35-40 knot and above winds, then white out and then no wind at all, crazy. I spoke to Rob the Union Glacier doctor, the joints in my big toe on both feet is really sore, a little bit puffy, it’s not hot, I guess I just crank on some of the advil. Apparently when your traveling on harder track like I am, it’s very common to have that happen. I hadn’t had this happen until I hit the hard track. The whole time over that variable sastrugi, probably about 60 more miles of that hard track and I’m out and towing through the wilderness again. Let’s see what else, oh if you get a chance check out, go on you tube and check out the sunscreen song, try and find the original, the remixes aren’t that good and just listen to it cause that thing goes through my head a lot, maybe you will, maybe you won’t, it’s really weird the things you think about out here. And since my ipod only lasted half an hour, I wanted to try cause it’s, since I can’t keep a jacket on cause it’s so fricken roasting, well uh yea things in battery power just die so, that’s a really tough one for me. Anyway, hopefully be able to pound out some more miles even with that fog tomorrow and it will keep me cool. Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica. Camp position South 85 degrees 27 decimal 483 minutes, position West 081 degrees 50 decimal 032 minutes. Time traveled 9 hours, distance traveled 10.5 miles. I