Audio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 42. Camp position South 83 degrees 46 decimal 096 minutes, position West 080 degrees 06 decimal 101 minutes. Distance traveled 1 1 or 11 miles, time traveled 9 hours. Today was roughly about the same as yesterday, although the decent little breeze just enough to keep me cool. When the breeze drops below about 3 knots and you just roast here, mind blowing. I was going along just fine and all off a sudden, man why am I getting so hot? and all of a sudden I realized, oh, that’s right the wind died. Fortunately it was right at the end of the day otherwise I would of been cooked. Snow still around, I’m hoping or at leaast was hoping that the sun was gonna bake it down, apparently it doesn’t work that way. So unless a good 20-25 knot wind shows up I’m going to be slogging it out in soft snow for the forseeable future which is a real bummer. There’s a slight breeze right now which is nice, it’s just enough to where it’s slightly cooling, I mean being in the tent you actually can just kinda hang out in your pants and shirt, it’s pretty crazy. One person asked or said “don’t resent every boring mile here”, I have yet really to have any boring miles, there’s always something, today I’m just fighting for every mile, my, the middle joint on my big toe is all puffy and sore on both feet, it’s kinda annoying. I wanna knock back a bunch of advil but I’m afraid that if I power that all down and I run out I’m gonna be in worse trouble should something else happen. One neat thing, super neat thing, I got to see yesterday, set up in the clouds were Von Karman Vortices, it’s super beautiful, evenly spaced swirls that happen, they maybe lasted half an hour and then disappeared out of existance. I’ve only seen those two other times in my life and the chance and opportunity to see them in Antarctica was super super special to me. Yea mom posted a question about the color of the top of my skis, is brownish, gray metalic sorta color, if you go to Neptune Mountaineering in Colorado on their website, look up Asnes Nansen skis, that’s ASNES and then Nansen, NANSEN, you’ll see exactly the skis I am using right now. So uh, I’m not sure what that’s all about but that’s ok. Let’s see what else, definitely no boring miles here, it was a fight today and I suspect it won’t be easier tomorrow so. Hey big shout out to my nephew Jake there, it’s his birthday today, hopefully you guys are partying out and since it’s Friday he’ll be able to stay up til what uh, 6 years old, stay up til, you know 2-3 AM, rocking out (laugh) probably not. Hope all of you guys are getting ready for Christmas and starting to enjoy that time of year here. It’s as snowy white as it was yesterday and I expect the same tomorrow. Hope all is well. Out!

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