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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 80. Hahaha, Camp position South 90 degrees, West, East, it really doesn’t matter cause you can walk in a circle and I already subtracted some days off my life, not such a bad thing. Still quite a white out out there, um, visibility is really good so hopefully they’ll be able to get a plane in tomorrow and pick me up, it’s actually quite a long flight to get back to Union Glacier, 6 or 7 hours. Um, fortunately I was able to see a target and then fog kinda cleared and I was able to see the station, where I needed to go and I’m now camped, oh gosh, 600 yards out of the South Pole station, what an experience. The station manager Weiks, Shannon and Andrea, thank you very much for giving me the tour of the station and giving me the low down and being very patient with my questions there I really appreciate it. Also Jeffrey, I hope to meet up with you, what would be for me, tomorrow morning to chit chat about my expedition, I really appreciate you following my blog. Jeffrey works at the South Pole station, real nice guy. Thank you so much to all of my sponsors and all of my private donors that made this adventure possible, it would have not ever happened without you guys, that’s for sure. Special thank you to Kelly, my expedition manager, for keeping me alive and keeping me going and I’ll begin making calls as soon as I can here. It is white out so I only have so much battery, I have to be really really careful. Thank you much, hopefully I’ll be back in the states in a week or two, it’s gonna take a while to get there, that’s for sure. Thank you, oh my gosh! Your right dad, all of a sudden, it’s over, just like that. Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica. Camp position South 85 degrees 27 decimal 483 minutes, position West 081 degrees 50 decimal 032 minutes. Time traveled 9 hours, distance traveled 10.5 miles. I