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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 38. Camp position South 83 degrees 03 decimal 235 minutes, position west 079 degrees 55 decimal 023 minutes. Time traveled 8 hours, distance 11 nautical miles. Today was actually a decent travel day, I found a very hard packed section of ground to travel, I guess if you could call it ground, 3 thousand to 4 thousand feet thick of ice and snow. I did run in to ground white outs all day and then sunny and then ground white outs. A storm of some sorts is moving through, fortunately it’s not doing too much to me, it’s suppose to drop a little snow tomorrow and the next day, the wind suppose to be light but the contrast will be really poor so I’ll suffer some more ground white outs, hopefully I’ll be able to do something about it. I thought I got the left toe issue under control, apparently not, going along in the second session all of a sudden it really started to bug me so, I had to make to stow stops to get it dialed in and bandaged up. I thought it was going to be better off than that but apparently not so I’m gonna have to patch it up a little more solidly this evening. I wish I brought a little bottle of second skin to paint on that thing and fix it right up but didn’t have that, that’s for sure. On Charlie Blue, the stitching on that poor guy has started to tear apart on one of the strap X marks so I seem sealed it and hopefully it will hold for a day or two only til the weather gets better here and I can get that guy in and sew him up and get him a little more solid. Yea, that things built in Norway too and it’s suppose to be solid but apparently not. Hey if anybody’s got a question about what I’m doing down here, what it’s like, or anything you’d like to know, please shoot a message to either Kelly my Expedition Manager or my parents or my Aunt Nancy and they’ll be able to relay the message to me and I’ll be able to answer your question in this blog so. Anything you might think of or wondered what it was like hear or what ya think, just shoot me a message and let me know. I’m hoping for a good travel day tomorrow, it’s suppose to be a real light wind, partly to mostly cloudy so kinda ground white outish but, the area is covered in sastrugi and streaking but hopefully I’ll be able to find a hard patch and keep cruising here so. Just keep forging on here, slowly slowly grinding towards the South Pole. Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Day 21 Antarctica. Camp position South 80 degrees 58 decimal 136 minutes, position West 080 degrees 57 decimal 203 minutes. Travel time 10 hours, distance a crushing 4.5 miles. The