Audio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 68. Camp position South 88 degrees 27 decimal 240 minutes, West 082 degrees 22 decimal 818 minutes. Distance to South Pole 92 miles, distance traveled today 9 miles, time traveled 10 hours, elevation 9,400 feet. Oh my gosh my feet hurt, oh. Trying to toss in that extra half mile, 3 quarter mile at the end of the day is a real butt kicker, I was desperate to get that 9 miles today. Found out some good news that the team that just made the South Pole said that the perpendicular lateral sastrugi I’ve been crossing suppose to die at 88.38 so it’s just about at a day range for me but. Looking forward to this stuff thinning out cause man my knees hurt, my hips hurt, my feet are searing and it’s starting to kill my lower back cause that constant jerking. Even though I’ve got a bungee in there to take the sharp shock off, still it knocks your whole body around, it pretty much sucks. Boy it is cold here now just a 5 to 10 knot wind picked up today. I can’t use my alpine gloves anymore except in just dead calm conditions. All my Outdoor Research gloves have been totally awesome, I highly recommend it, but after 60 plus days of no laundering it just got so filthy that they’re no doing anything so. This is the first day I busted out my mittens and man I was glad for it, those things are little toasters, Outdoor Research mittens. They’re not sponsoring me but let me tell ya I’d go buy those things again in a heartbeat. Um yea it’s so cold that my shot blocks from Cliff Bar products, they don’t really chew anymore, they shatter in the little rail, so I have to stick em in my mouth and spin around for a minute or 2 for them to soften up enough, I mean I couldn’t even bite through if I wanted, a jaw breaker is softer than those things. A detail note, I always make sure to do fuel transfers outside of my tent, whether filling bottles, putting caps on or whatever cause boy a couple times I’ve accidentally tapped em and almost knocked them over and I’ve heard of other expeditions completely ruin gear, so you definitely don’t want to do that. Hey a shout out to my brother Jason, Jake and Justin, hopefully you guys do something real nice for your moms birthday tomorrow and then Mark, thanks very much for the message on facebook and thank you everybody else. You have no idea how uplifting that is and I’m glad I can be inspiring to you guys. Hope to meet your wife there Mark, I’d like to meet Joselyn soon. A shout out to Esther and Rays family, Esther, Ray , Jenny, Aiden and Jessa, Thank you very much for the donation and look forward to talking to you guys, definitely look forward to seeing you when I get back. I’ve had to break out my new kartankers because my feet are just getting too cold. They’re actually quite thin now and I’ve had my new kartankers in the boots which are these mesh wool liners and I’ve actually, when I got into my tent and I took them off actually I had frost inside my boots, it’s just that cold so. Boy oh boy and I had a horrible icing problem in my goggles, I haven’t had that since mid November cause of the wind dead in my face so. I gotta try some different things tomorrow cause boy that’s pretty miserable. It’s suppose to be low clouds coming in I hope it’s not ground white out, that’ll kill me. Hope all’s well. Out!

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