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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 36. Camp position South 82 degrees 42 deciaml 870 minutes, position West 079 degrees 49 decimal 342 minutes. Distance 10 and a half miles, time traveled 8 hours. I am still alive! Actually it was a real comfortable travel day, all things considered. The wind was light, surface was decent. For the first two there was medium sastrugi’s, so that kinda slowed me down and near the middle of the day that kinda cleared out but, it was weird that it actually felt like subtle load it’s starting to cause the snow to mush out a bit, makes the skiing a bit tougher but I guess I won’t complain, there could be far worse conditions that’s for sure. Speaking of worse conditions, I’ve been watching the barometer drop to 25.4 inches of mercury right now, normal level’s at 26.1. And looking to the West there is definitely some sort of front coming in or heading my direction. I sure hope it skirts me cause that means I’ll probably have ground white out conditions which makes travel even slower.
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