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Day 36, Antarctica. Hey iridium dropped there so day 36 continues. One thing about gear, I have pretty much a daily destruction report. I’ve noticed several other thread areas and abrasion areas on my boots so to appease me really, I just went over them and just steam sealed the heck out of them. I would definitely never ever go on a trip like this again without a tube if not 2 of seam sealer, that stuff is awesome, glob it on there out a film on it, let it dry over night and thus far it has been invincible. Also, I only brought a half roll of duct tape, I got that Gorilla duct tape, man that stuff is so strong it started to rip the skin off my fingers so, had to revert to using steal tools to take it off the roll but I guess that’s a testiment to it’s strength. I’ve developed some abrasion damage on my waist just in the back, apparently it’s from the harness and also it’s a very common injury, just had no idea. Wish I would have know that so I could of had some fleece sewn in. So I’ve got a fleece and hopefully I’ll be able to do something with that, I’ve gotta figure it out, I don’t think my sewing needles can punch through that cordura on a harness and I can’t seam sealer cause that stuff hardens up too much, it’ll chew my skin right off so. Not exactly sure what to do with that. It was really really warm last night, ironically, maybe about 15 degrees, it was way too hot for my Western Mountaineering bison sleeping bag that is designed for minus 40. Once I get near the Pole that will all come in to play so. Fortunately that scrap of fleece that I brought to protect my fuel cans, I actually used as a blanket last night, ha ha ha, pretty funny. Also part of the gear destruction report, my Cold Avenger mask, the foam insert from the nose bridge has a least half disintegrated. I’ve had to clean that thing with boiling water a bunch of times and that might have done it but, you got bacteria and grossness in your face that your breathing in, you get sick or you have the thing fall apart. I can’t seam grip or sew that thing either cause it’s right on my nose. So we’ll see what happens to do with that. Let’s see, hey my nephew Jake, I know I gave you that survival book there, hope your having a good time with it and hopefully you’ve been reading it cause when I call you on your birthday, I’ve got a couple survival questions that I’m not quite sure how to figure out, that kind of affects me out here so. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some good advice from you there. And also sending a shout out to my grandfather, I know he doesn’t have internet access but I’m sure somebody will tell him that I really appreciate your wisdom in telling me that I better go do whatever I’m gonna do while I can still do because this is already ultra tough for me, I couldn’t imagine trying to do this in 10 years, yea, no way, no way. My weight has actually been pretty good, I talked to the doc and they asked about that so I’ve been eating like crazy and I haven’t really lost any appreciable weight that I can see. Which means I could probably cut back on my rations a bit, we’ll see how that goes. One killer for me is I just can not sleep. I haven’t had a goodnight sleep in, I don’t know, a week, 2 weeks, maybe one night in 2 weeks, it’s kicking my butt. Seriously wish I would have brought a bunch od Advil PM. Other than that, I woke up pretty happy, I don’t see how people could possibly get bored on this sort of trip, I mean I’m constantly either muttering to myself, actually maintaining both sides of the dialog. Yea just imagine some guy skiing across Antarctica dragging two crazy sleds, dressed up with a mask and a hood, muttering to himself. Hopefully your consantly busy navigating, watching things so definitely no boredom over here and I’ve got tunes in my head so, that’s not a problem. Alright, out!
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