Audio Dispatch

Hello, Aaron in Antarctica, day 35. Camp position South 82 degrees 32 decimal 416 minutes, position West 079 degrees 45 decimal 797. Time traveled 9 hours. Distance traveled 11 nautical miles or 11 miles. Holy cow, that was beyond my absolute max. I spent half a day going up this massive ice dome and I think coming down the other side, it’s difficult to tell it’s, until you actually get to where you’re going and look back, you’re not exactly sure if you’ve actually gone over something, it’s really weird perspective distortion here. Also, I think there’s a team a couple miles east of me, I tried to photograph them with my telephoto lens, but I couldn’t hardly tell, they were moving so there’s something out there. Which is actually kinda neat, figured I had the whole place to myself, but I know that is not true. So I did an experiment, I’ve been doing, normally I do five 75 minute sessions and then one 90 minute session at the end of the day and that’s been okay, but today I decided, ah you know ah, on session four let me push that to 90 minutes that way the last two sessions aren’t so bad. Huge mistake, it made the last two sessions absolute punishment and now my pads of my feet hurt, oh my gosh. So I got to throttle it back to the standard polar of six sessions of 75 cause I just I can’t take that to get that extra 1/2 mile, it was way beyond punishing. But it was nice to finally touch that and maybe I’ll be there again in so many days. I’m projecting hopefully 10 miles a day, about 15 days to my first cache. I’ve got about 19 days of food, so it’s not exactly a huge safety margin out here, especially if horrific weather comes in. I mean I’ve got a little baggie of food developing that I haven’t totally eaten all my rations, I thought I’ve just been sleeping bad so I’m sure that’s been sacking me either. Thinking way too much about this or thunderdome with the tent blasting at 30 knot winds. Last night and tonight it’s gonna be too hot so that’s also a challenge, I mean irony of all ironies, too hot in Antarctica. Passed some beautiful sustrugi formations, a lot of where I am right now is relatively flat and then you come to these small mountains. It’s weird cause you almost can’t see them until you’re right on top of them. It’s an odd landscape cause on the shadow side all the snow looks of ash and gray, and the sunset of course it looks arctic white, but inside the huge hoops of sastrugi, it has this aqua marine, blue glow or even an electric blue glow, it’s beautiful. And the landscape here, imagine you got an ocean that’s frothing and foaming in a massive storm, there’s huge wind blowing the white caps off, just blasting them off. Now that you’ve got that vision, instantly freeze it and and turn everything white where it looks like everything is just being blasted away and just frozen. That’s kinda actually how it looks here, it’s kinda weird. That’s on the small scale, but also on the multi mile scale there are massive domes and rolls of ice out here. Weirdest thing ever, it’s ah, definitely made it slow going, going up hill and down hill. But not too shabby. Slowly closing in on the cache that I’m gonna have dropped. And more destruction derby, my ah boots, the sewing has come apart, so I seem gripped those, my gloves, the tips are starting to damage, so I seem gripped those. So, trying keep this wagon train going with glue. Alrighty out!

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