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Hello erin in then turn to good day and that is in oh my gosh days to meet you this campaign vision cell 893014115 minutes was 081231 forward as long liner for a minute this is really want to remodel timing travel niner miles elevation give you his name is the sooner you know is this is the both of you 9 well … finally finally finally saying that the the 93 you would be able to do the wondered you could retrieve some now I see why all those areas please reason those knows is 700 roof you think forest expenses for travel doing is len as the desperately wish to … bill have there’s the … time while you’re doing now … yeah give me today well today probably 9 or 10 world that hello long ago decided that’s for sure … today was a pretty nice time day lyndon it’s andon turned around and told us like possibly could hi and I’ve been like I’ll go on the last day tues tuesday shin eeze going to somehow … home or julius on those out those it will save warm and actually talk now they will get wiped out there and get it back to normal but … hello stars and is every grace day I was shivering free violently sister and stay cool and during towing in richmond ever over heated said … and little bit spectrum so cold to hot but I go through and 990 minutes from great time this is towing to hey come on man and for ….

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello, Aaron in Antarctica, day 35. Camp position South 82 degrees 32 decimal 416 minutes, position West 079 degrees 45 decimal 797. Time traveled 9 hours. Distance traveled 11 nautical