Audio Dispatch

Hello, Aaron in Antarctica, day 31. Camp position South 82 degrees 03 decimal 736 minutes, position West 081 degrees 05 decimal 201 minutes. Distance traveled 7 nautical miles, time 6 hours. I was only able to get in 6 hours today cause I was so destroyed from yesterday I had to get some extra sleep and rest, man, yesterday was a death day. Feeling much better today, kinda tired at the end of the 4th session but not too bad. Uh, a little change of plans here, what I’m gonna be doing is heading directly East tomorrow for hopefully only one day as long as I can travel well and what I’m going to do is actually drop a cache at 82 degrees 04 minutes West 079 degrees 57 minutes and what ALE is gonna do is push those 2 caches forward to 85 degrees for me and also 87 degrees for me. Not the exact perfect spacing I was hoping for but it’s definitely a potential bacon saver because I’m just barely breaking into the 10 mile days. If I do everything well and there’s not 40 mile an hour winds, but I’ve had so few good weather days here that I can’t rely on anything I can only assume it’s gonna stay bad. Today actually, right now is maybe 2 or 3 knot winds, I mean it’s completely silent, it’s one of thise erie days. So it’s gonna move me East quite a bit, so my little break time trail is gonna look funky with a dog leg in there, but I’ll be able to drop a lot of weight and actually, hopefully allow me to move and get up in to the 11, 12 mile mark and maybe that’ll save me cause it was looking pretty dark here for a while. Other than that travels pretty good today, the wind was pretty light. The sastrugis constant, it’s not bad but just slow going and constant. So that’s hopefully a good thing for me, we will see tomorrow. An Antarctic tid bit, when you get your boot liners wet, your kartankers wet and your socks wet and everything else, from sweat an your shirt, how the heck do you get things dry here, well you actually sleep with them. You generate enough body heat, as long as they’re not dripping wet and sopping, you can actually dry quite a few things out in your sleeping bag so. Usually I’m sleeping on quite a rubble heap at night, it’s a little bit annoying but having wet everything and being freezing cold for the next day is far far more annoying that’s for sure so, but it’s a little weird to do but definitely works that’s for sure. One thing I wanna do is send a shout out to It’s Jackson Time in Jackson Hole WY, Ted, the owner and proprietor there set me up with a great adventure watch, this thing gives me compass direction, barometer, altimeter, timing, world time, gives me tracking with that barometer is doing, actually right now it’s telling me that the barometer is actually been rising slightly which it hasn’t been for a long time. He’s located under Snake River Grill, just off the square, he’s kinda tucked in the corner there. Stop by if you got a chance, tell him I sent ya. He’s got a fascinating selection of animal mounts, I’ve never seen such a collection as his. Pretty cool collection of knives and of course great watches so, if you could, he’s a good sponsor of mine, also a really nice guy, please stop by if you get a chance. Thanks. Out!

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