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Hello Aaron in Antarctica. Camp position South 81 degrees 48 decimal 326 minutes, position west 080 degrees 58 decimal 821 minutes. Time traveled 8 hours, distance 8 miles. I finally scraped on the magical 1 mile per hour mark. Doesn’t sound like much but let me tell ya I’ve been dreaming about that for oh about a month. Everythings going pretty well, I was hoping it would be a litle bit easier day but the wind varied between 20 and 40 knots so it was kinda punishing. There were areas that were almost sastrugi free that made travel easy and then right where I am right now is loaded with it, so it’s definitely much slower, doing ok there. Everyday i brush the snow off my boots to keep those guys dry and intact and naturally I noticed a tiny bit of separation in the front of one of the soles in the three layers there, that would be absolutely show over. So fortunately the ultra smart guy, Larry, at suggested I bring a toob of seem drip, I had them send it to me and thank goodness I did, so I smeared that on that little bit of crack. But I can’t sit there sleeping all night holding that thing, so actually I have some since Charlie Blue went down I have some broken aluminum parts, I was able to get a tiny bit of clamping force out of that guy, so I’ve got that kinda half clamped, definitely MacGyver operation with duct tape and a swiss army knife, but It’ll work. Oh boy, let’s see, I got a shout out to my totally awesome nephews, Justin and Jake down in Imperial Beach. I hope that you listen to these posts. I’m having a good time in Antarctica even though it’s really rough going. It’s an alien place, here is what it’s like, as far as from a grocery store then you are from a grocery store in New York from San Diego, really far. It’s always at least zero degrees fahrenheit or colder. The sun warms your back when it’s out but the wind freezes your front and face. The sun keeps your tent warm but it will blow cold wind and blind you in minutes without protection here. There is always wind and it blows hard. There are no plants or animals anywhere near me, it’s all snow and ice. I have to drink a gallon of water and eat both a bar of chocolate and 2 sticks of butter a day just to stay alive. You get to camp every day standing on a mile thick sheet of ice. My sleeping bag is as big as your bed to keep me warm. Big stroms and wind will tear through a three foot wall of ice and snow in a half an hour, it’s scary. It’s an amazing place though your always on the edge. I hope both of you get to have a chance to have an adventure as big as this when you grow up. Whatever your dream is chase it with all zeal, don’t give up. It’s taken me 10 years to get here, one quarter of my life. Over a 100 people have helped me make this dream a reality. Don’t wait until your too old to do it, just remember, later in life you’ll only regret the things you didn’t do. Dare to dream, discover and explore, I promise it’s worth it. I love you both! Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Day 13, Antarctica. Position South 80 degrees 24 decimal 490 minutes position West 081 degrees 03 decimal 803 minutes. Distance traveled a crushing 1.5 nautical miles, in a time of