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Hey it’s Aaron in Antarctica, day 27. Camp position South 81 degrees 33 decimal 263 minutes, position West 081 degrees 05 decimal 175 minutes. Distance traveled 5 miles, time traveled 7 hours. Rippling conditions today. Other than for 1 hour it was an absolute white out all day so that really slowed things down. There was a good 10 to 20 knot head wind. There’s always a wind here but driving directly in your face is another special deal and then the worst of all is last night the storm brought 1 to 2 inches of fresh soft snow to coat the ground, which means the sleds turn into snow plows, that was pretty rough. I can actually move ok in white out conditions, I can move ok in head wind but boy you put that snow on there and it just adds huge weight and drag to the sled and I guess that’s just the way it works. But definitley made tough. Fortunately the sun is coming out so I’m hoping that it’ll kinda bake down the snow a bit and the wind will pack it down and make it a little bit easier to travel, otherwise it’s gonna be a slow couple days here til I can get out of the zone where the snow is. That made it a little rough. Equipment wise, I noticed the zipper on my charlie blue is starting to tear occasionally, no surprise, line zipper not a core zipper and these even a Norwegien product. My
kartankers, the wool liners for my boots, little tore at the heals, exactly to spot where I didn’t have, did’t have duct tape, I was warned by one of the Norwegiens at ALE that, yea you better duct tape those bad boys and sure enough. So I taped them even more, hopefully they’ll last I do have a back up pair, just a shame those things aren’t woven a bit tighter. Let’s see what else, I put a couple 4×4 bandages on my backside and hip cause I don’t want those chilblains to get any worse that’s for sure. I developed a small rash on my, I guess you could call them fat rolls on the back side of my hip, my shirt had hiked up and my towing harness had chewed into me a bit. Other than that, ending to be a nice day but the rest of the day was really long, that’s too bad. Tid bit on battery life here, normally people stuff their electronics in their shirt or jacket to keep them warm and keeps them going ok but I found if I do that for a half an hour or even an hour, like the phone, boy that thing kills low and the battery doesn’t last long so what I do is I fire up a hot water bottle or two, get them in the sleeping bag and surround the electronics around that in their bags definitely via water proof bag and that makes a huge differnce in battery life for me. Otherwise my phone was dying emediately no mater how much I kept it in my shirt and jacket. So in order to keep your batteries going here they gotta be warm so couple boiling hot water bottles, Nalgene, in their little sack and just pile the electronics around it actually works quite well so that has been quite good. It’s taken the pressure off me keeping the phone charged and the ability to charge the phone through the tent when the sun is fully out is definitely a huge bonus here so. Hoping for better conditions tomorrow so I can start crackin more miles, that’s for sure, gotta lot of miles to go. Alright thanks. Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 39. Camp position South 83 degrees 14 decimal 182 minutes, position West 080 degrees 03 decimal 303 minutes. Distance traveled 11 miles, time 8 hours.

Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello from Antartica, day 19. Camp position South 80 degrees 47 decimal 439 minutes position West 080 degrees 57 decimal 390 minutes. Time of travel 7.5 hours, distance thank goodness