Audio Dispatch

Hey there Aaron in Antarctica. Camp position, day 26, position South 81 degrees 27 decimal 971 minutes, position West 081 degrees 04 decimal 722 minutes. Time 9 hours distance 7 miles. Actually that wasn’t too bad considering it was a white out this morning and then later in the afternoon became an absolute white out. Actually I stumbled into massive sastrugi pile so. After fighting for an hour or two I realized that, after falling a couple holes and stumbling around and cranking on my joints, I actually kicked off my skis because I worried that I only had to break me or them and after walking for an hour and a half in that stuff, realizing how brutal that actually is, I’m gonna have to hand props to Correne Coetzer and Todd Carmichael cause they walked, Carmichael actually walked the entire thing, I don’t know how the heck he did it, shear will power. Correne stuck to Thiel Mountains. So, one suggestion I received was to make sure to kick off the skis when your going up hill, especially in heavy sustrugi cause the footing is more important than the efficiency, you don’t want to get killed that’s for sure. And, so far so good, and I noticed the sleds are starting to head towards the sliding rather than dragging or plowing mode, which is really good, much less suffering for me. Unfortunately I was predicated on Charlie Red maintaining his skis, once he gets broken and gets converted down to a regular non transformed sled, it’ll go back to being very difficult so I’m trying to avoid sastrugi patches like the plague cause I do not want to break him, oh man I hope I don’t break him. It’ll last as long as possible especially with this snow at 88 degrees, it’ll be pretty rough. Let’s see what do we got going here, Oh yea tid bits, oh my gosh, skin care in Antarctica is a monster, got the chilblains on my hips and they’re getting a little bit dark, I’m hoping they don’t start cracking, I’m gonna watch it real careful but it’s really difficult to maintain cause without keeping the stimulates away, cold, haha, especially when your doing the toilet action, it’s almost impossible, I don’t know how people actually deal with it. I know exactly a couple times when it happened. Then you get horrible cracks in your fingers cause of hydration, I’m prety hydrated but barely keeping on top of that. Maybe a little foot fungus, you gotta be hyper careful with that bad boy cause you do that, normally you wash your hands but here the best you have is antibac gel. Other explorers have actually transfered it to their face and just got thrashed, you get pimples and that’s not necessarily a big deal but you get them on thighs and your backside. What starts as a small deal can actually turn into a total infection, I mean it’s unbelievable. Then there’s of course frostnip and the horror of horrors, frostbite so, personal maintenance is a major production here. (Cough) excuse me, Antartic polar cough. Hoping to kick off some more miles tomorrow if the weather conditions are better, if it’s a white out I don’t think I can do much more than that cause it’s like walking around drunk when your blind, I mean it’s just pure stumbling, you have to look at your ski tips to make sure your actually stable, it’s weird, you get dizzy after a while. Alrighty, hope for better conditions tomorrow. Out!

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