Audio Dispatch

Aaron in Antarctica, day 22. Camp position South 80 degrees 59 decimal 344 minutes, postion West 080 degrees 57 decimal 108 minutes. Travel time 1 hour distance 1 mile. I spent the entire day sewing a huge patch on to the back of my polar thigh guards because I’ve developed a case of chilblains, and I don’t want them to break open and get infected cause that would be bad. So that was actually kind of exciting. I’ve never sewn a project that big and doing it by hand it looks like a fifth grader did it but it is the middle of Antarctica so I can’t feel bad about that. Got a chance to talk to Hannah, she’s probably the best polar skier out there and giving me some pointers on getting my miliage up cause I’m just dying and not making it here. So I’m gonna implement those tomorrow and hopefully bust a move and make things a little bit better. Other than that, not having that parasled on skis is pretty much crushing. It’s just so much more drag, it’s like being here on day 1, so yea. Hope all is well with everybody. Out!

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