Audio Dispatch

Hello from Antartica, day 19. Camp position South 80 degrees 47 decimal 439 minutes position West 080 degrees 57 decimal 390 minutes. Time of travel 7.5 hours, distance thank goodness 5.5 nautical miles. My expedition manager, Kelly, gave me some serious advice about my eating, that's the thing that's been totally killing me down here. I mean for 18 days straight I've been gagging on my food, it's been horrific. I thought about how I was traveling in Yellowstone, I never had this problem. I realize it's when I'm eating and how I'm eating, when I'm under load, I just can't do it, it just feels horrid. It's all I am is zapped on energy and dying. I probably ended up with half hour breaks to try and get that dialed in, so my total travel time was maybe 5 hours, so I actually get that magical 1 mile an hour mark which is a huge Boone for me so I know about how to dial it in, I was moving about as fast as I could possibly move when I was skiing. Got an hour straight of skiing by before 1 2 3 4 5 times a day 4 breaks, yea that was awesome to be able to ski straight for that long, I mean for the past entire trip I couldn't do it, I'd just bonk out, feel like puking, it was horrid. So, gonna keep doing this and I think might dial it in somehow magically, I gotta get to that cache in 6 days, holy cow, that's still a long ways away. But, maybe 8 miles a day, that's not unreachable, it's getting over that 5 mile mark was huge for me. And yesterday I definitely enjoyed a total breakdown, that was spectacular. Good thing no one was here to watch it, that was ugly. Oh yea, all these mental aspirations, and all this junk, you think yea yea no problem, you get here and you just get destroyed. My gears getting destroyed and Oh actually I got 2 holes drilled through the shovel handle repair, enlarge them, then I gotta put a screw or 2 in that thing, it'll at least be half way usable again, geez, the caveman scoop thing sucks. One interesting tid bit I'll try give you about Antarctica is, do you really think I brought enough toilet paper for 3 months, yea of course not, you know if you think about how much toilet paper and wet wipes you power through in 3 months, it will blow your mind. Also think about how much food I'm eating and I'm eating 2 and a quarter sticks of butter a day, lets just say you gotta do the toilet thing more than once, usually 3 times a day. So basically the snow is very absorbant down here you just gotta make sure to use the one without the super sharp ice crystals. A little interesting living thing here but. Just one of those things that existing down in Antarctica, certain things you just can not bring enough of, so you gotta make due with something else. Not particularly pleasant but it works. The worst thing is just yanking the drawers down and being in a 20 knots wind even when you dig a hole behind your sled, Ouch. So, hope to crack out more miles tomorrow, maybe looking up here, it was looking pretty bleak. Alright, out!

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Audio Dispatch

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