Audio Dispatch

Hello from Antarctica. What day is it? Day 18. Camp position South 80 degrees 42 decimal 044 minutes position West 081 degrees 02 decimal 055 minutes. Distance 4.5 miles, time 8 hours. I'm up on some sort of Plateau, I'm stinkin headed for a head wall, difficult to tell. The scale of the distance here is unbelievable, you think somethings real close it could be a quarter or a half mile or a mile away, it's just very difficult to judge distance here cause it's so clear and everything is flat. The plateau is actually quite fascinating, you look around and just almost infinity but then a couple mountains still visible. One thing that was neat is I was actually able to see the moon today, it's half full. Not sure of waxing or waning, I'll have to look that up. So that was kind of a neat experience and I was able to ski all day, finally able to have a good surface where I could do that and get up to maybe 3 miles an hour if I'm lucky. The one problem I figured out is my travel speed is so bad is my travel efficiency is just junk, I'll maybe go 10 minutes and I'll just totally poop out like I run out of energy so. I stopped, tried to shovel down a piece of chocolate or a cookie or 2 and then keep going but, I'm just dying here. I think it has to do with how I'm eating, trying to put too much in my mouth, chew on it and then not feel good, not want to swallow it down so gonna test some things out tomorrow, sit down, I'm gonna actually stop and eat more per stop. See if that helps cause otherwise this stopping nibbling, stopping nibbling, is just not working. I mean I should have easily cranked out 6 or 8 miles today based on my speed but from having to stop every 5 or 10 minutes I'll never get it done so, I've got a problem, if that wasn't clear I don't know what is. So that's kinda crushig but at least I think I've figured it out cause, I mean when I was skiing, I like, man I'm doing great but the time I'm stopping is terrible. One thing I did activate is I got my compass chest mount and boy that saved me huge amount of time trying to navigate versus my other compass that I was using, all I have to do is glance down and yep I'm still on target. That thing is awesome! Probably should have gotten it out before but I was stumbling around on so much sastrugi that I was affraid something would go wrong. On the plus side, I did punch through the first hole on the shovel, I've still gotta bore it out the right side so I've gotta start scratching another hole, probably take me 2 days plus the boring time to get that guy and then I'll be able to get them aligned and keep the pins ready. So that's a good thing, and then, what else happened? Yea it's quite fascinating being here, I mean your absolutely by yourself with your thoughts. I don't know how anybody listens to an Ipod, I'm so panicked trying to get some distance and get some speed here and just totally falling apart, that I can't even possibly think about that so. We'll give it a spin. Oh boy! I'm done. Out!

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Audio Dispatch

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