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Hey it’s Aaron in Antarctica, day 16. Camp position, South 80 degrees 32 decimal 954 minutes position West 081 degrees 01 decimal 011 minutes. Distance traveled 4.5 miles, hey an improvement biggest ever, time 8 hours. Things are going pretty well all though I’m camping well called the Doom Valley. When I came over the hill I thought I was gonna continue going up, then once I realized I was going down it was too late, and the surrounding walls were actually quite steep, that forces me to drop down into the valley and go back up, that was real bummer to find out but. The path and camp line that I chose kinda forced me in here otherwise I woulda had to have directly East or West and add a day or 2 to travel so instead I’m gonna take the punishment of going up hill. Things are going well. A little bit of speed increase, waxing the skis definitely helped. Sure wish I woulda had another set of Madshus instead of my down hill Bone skis, they seem to fly better but, can’t change that now. It’s gonna take me definitely a lot longer to fix the shovel than I though, takes forever to boar a hole with the edge of a file, primitive to be sure. Things are not going so good, I got a heal crack on my right foot, think it’s from dry skin, so I’ve been pretty aggressive about filing it down using the rasp side of my multi tool and then putting some O’keefe’s on it, and I think it’s caused me to walk funny on my left foot a bit so. Hopefully I can get that dialed in and under control. Weather is suppose to be the same tomorrow, sunny and 20 to 40 knot winds, down to 10, if I’m lucky, that’s pretty good. The solar charging through the tent still working well cause there’s no way I could put those pannels out there, they would get destroyed and then I gotta go out there and freeze anyway. Other than that, little intestinal thing going, not sure what that’s all about but hopefully I got it under control with some pills. Having a good time. Wish I was moving a bit faster but, hopefully once I get up to the Polar Plateau that will change. Actually quite beautiful here, I can see the mountains start to rise now that I’m coming over the hill. Going well, just quite freezing this morning cause it was so much power required to get up those hills and it will be the same tomorrow that I can’t use aerobic energy to generate heat. So I’m using my ski pogies, I notice on one the elastic seemed to have failed on the pogie so I gotta be real careful cause boy the tiniest thing you drop that’s light it blows away 20 to 30 miles and hour and it’s gone in seconds. Only a dog can catch that bad boy, and I’m a dog but not that kind of dog. So, hopefully I’ll get clocked out here pretty quick. And also the Solara is definitely a thing that keeps me going, when I recieve the indications on that thing that’s really good. And you go Aunt Nancy, you keep walking with me, I hope you power around Miller a bunch of times and your writing your distance and steps on the calendar, you’ll probably be amazed. Hope all is well with everybody, hope to power out another day tomorrow in same conditions and having a good time. Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 52. Camp position South 85 degrees 39 decimal 100 minutes, West 081 degrees 59 decimal 357 minutes. Time traveled 9 hours, distance 11.7 miles. Distance