Audio Dispatch

Day 15 in Antarctica. Postision South 80 degrees 28 decimal 593 minutes, position West 081 degrees 03 decimal 582 minutes. Distance traveled a whopping 4 miles in 8 hours.I pretty much collapsed at the end. The entire area around here is covered in sustrugi, unfortunatly it’s running perpendicular to my line of travel, as a consequence it’s like dragging a tire up a curb for 8 miles straight, needless to say it’s pretty devastating on your energy and your speed. This is the first time I was able to power down and entire dinner, I was actually quite hungry, so that was good. My fantasy is kicking out 9 miles but until surface conditions improve, that’s about all it’s gonna get out of me. I don’t know how in the heck I’m gonna pull this out of my butt. On the plus side, the weather was actually pretty good between 20 and 40 knot winds mostly in the 20’s so, for the most part I was able to keep cool, only problem is going like this you generate so much heat, that you gotta stripe most your clothing off, problem is the moment you stop you freeze in 2 minutes and you start shivering. It is not conducive to what ever it may be. Let see, headed up hill getting passed Red Pass, I don’t see how anyone could go up that pass, oh my gosh, that’s insanely steep. Maybe walk up with snow shoes or skins. Speaking of that, going on a sustrugi, in a crevasse zone, it must have snowed heavily here, it just ripped up that surface so. I pretty much have enjoyed walking on styrofoam sustrugis the entire time, which means low speed, low pulling power, everything. I did wax up my one set of skis cause another pretty devastating event just happened, that thing seems to slide a bit better, also had to change my rig to having the heavier sled in front that way it yanks around the lighter sled in back rather than vice versa. Hopefully that will work a little bit better for me. Let see, on the other plus side,I’ve been able to get to my feather weight pannels to actually charge inside the tent, because I cannot put them outside in 20 knot winds, it’ll just tear em apart and ruin them and it will be instant show over for me. The problem is not the spindrift blowing in, it, actually and sun has to be out, full sun. I actually figured out how to set these things inside the tent and charge and run the phone so, that is a huge Boone for me. On the down side, I’ve learned that Hilleberg, the tent is awesome, the snow stakes do not last, I’ve already cranked one, two others are slightly tweaked so I’ve gotta be extemely careful. Once I loose all my snow stakes, I’m done. Nice design concept, I gotta find something tougher. Stuff is just not lasting out here. The big devastating event is the shovel, the Eddie Bauer shovel broke, I do not recommend it except for noncritical, light use and a good mechanical engeneer could’ve looked at it and said, yea, it’s gonna break right there, just watch here you’ll bend it and sure enough it did. I’ve still got the blade to work with, so it just makes digging and undigging extremely slow. Thinking of that, from having my tent ensconced in snow and protected from 60+ knot winds, it took me two and a half hours to dig that bad boy out this morning in 40 knot winds, oh my gosh, that was pretty rough, but I got it out. Fortunately the shovel didn’t break then, it broke now where I’m at a better camp position and the winds aren’t so bad that I had to create a mountain of snow, that would be really rough. So, I have actually got a skean to repair the shovel, but without the right tools, I’m using pretty much prison implements.

Dispatch got cut off……

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