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Day 14 Antarctica, Oh My Gosh! Carmichael warned me that it blows down here but I had no idea. I made four atempts to leave camp and every time I left or tried to leave camp, unburied my stake, walked around to unburied the next, by the time I got that one unburied the other one had reburied. So I tried that three times, naah that was kinda interesting but then the fourth time around 4 o'clock I got out of tent resting for 3 hours and I found that the wind had gotten so strong and it actually had changed the snow drift from snow drift to sustrugi so it actually completely altered the landscape from when I arrived. Also, my snow sheild that actually been almost completely ablated away, that really freaked me out, and also my snow stakes have been half dug out by the wind as well so that was really scary. So I piled a foot mound of snow on those things, I double up the wall size and now it's four feet thick and as tall as the tent and twice as wide so hopefully that will work out in full. I was told yesterday the wind was suppose to drop down, so I'll actually be able to travel again. I had this fantasy about doing nine miles today but since I didn't move a half inch, I don't know, it's pretty strong fantasy so. Tomorrow somehow magically the track, what I'm suppose to do, I've gotta do something like 9 or 10 miles. It is getting insane. Well, anyway bad whether bound here. I mean with 20 miles per hour 20 knots 30 knots, I can deal with it but I tried to walk and I think I got about 50 yards, turned around I almost couldn't see the tent cause the wind was so strong, the wind had actually act as a snow slag and couldn't see the mountains. And then also I couldn't hardly even walk, I was walking maybe a half a mile an hour on hard back surface, so. I don't know maybe 60 knots I guessing I don't even have any clue. I think I'm kind of stuck in what's called a killing zone here, near Patriot Hills, Red Pass Hills and Three Sails and just get destroyed so getting stuck here is just an absolute horror. I hope to make good distance tomorrow, better than 2 or 3 miles, It's getting embarrassing, I'm making Scott look good that's for sure. Maybe I've already earned a nickname, who knows. Having a good time just wish I could be bombing away in miles. In fact my sleds are half burried already and actually watched them in a half an hour go from nothing and uncover to completely burried, it was insane, so I went and had to shovel those things just to get my supplies here. Just mind blowing. Oh well, pray that I make some mileage tomorrow. Out!

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Audio Dispatch

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