Audio Dispatch

Hello from Antarctica it's day 10.
Position South 80 degrees 19 decimal 167 minutes, position West 080 degrees 58 decimal 284 minutes. Distance traveled today 2.5 naitical miles, and time 4 hours. I was definitely feeling better this morning so I pushed it fired it up and probably did my 2 miles in the morning there in about 2 hours, which I achieved my 1 mile per hour target then I had to konk out because I ran out of energy. So I set up my tent, konked out for about 3 hours, woke up, about 3, went for another 2 hours and that's probably where I got my other half mile. Terribly hungry and just totally wiped out so not over this bug yet but I'm fighting to get there just trying to be gentle on my body while it does its thing. The wind today was incredible, between 30 and 50 knots. I've never experienced that out in the wild. It was very interesting because about 1000 feet out it look like perfectly flat ground so I thought hey perfect I'll be able to pick up speed, the problem is that it never got any closer. The wind was so strong it picked the snow from the ground and created what looked like a perfectly flat surface, totally untrue. So not exactly amazing progress but still feeling good about it. (coughing) As you can tell not perfectly healthy yet. I'm about 3.5 miles from the wall at Patriot Hills and another 2 and a half 3 miles from the ones at Red Pass. I was warned to watch for crevasses at the top of both of those, so I do have to be careful. I was told that the winds are going to be decreasing tomorrow but snow is gonna be moving in so. I'm not sure which is worse, I guess snow is not as bad even though it creates white out conditions, but 50 knot winds are definitely not pleasant. It made putting a tent epic. I built the Great Wall of China around this thing, about half as high as the tent and I'm still getting burried, the moment I opened the door spindrift fills the tent so. It is a production to survive this. I can see why people quit, my gosh. Weather, punishment, slow progress, discouragment, definitely all adds up to a forget it I'm out thing. But, no way, I'm here for 90 days, until food, supplies, or time runs out. One thing I should've brought were cold medicine and antihistamine. I'll have to remember that for next time. Having a good time, otherwise. Definitely not feeling as bad as I did days previous. Hoping to wake up and feel even better plus some more miles out of this thing, looking forward to it.

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Audio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 61. Camp position South 87 degrees 26 decimal 301, West 082 degrees 35 decimal 456 minutes. Time of travel 8 hours, distance 9 miles, elevation