Audio Dispatch

Dispatch from Antarctica. Saturday, November 10th, 2012, day 9. I did not go anywhere today, I followed the doctor's orders, which is very rare me but, being the consequence of not making it or worse is worth following those orders, I'd say it was well worth the time. Couldn't believe how wiped out I was. I ate something in the morning rolled over and fell right back to sleep for a few hours, woke up drank, ate and fell back asleep for another 4 hours so. I was definitely in the throws going down for the absolute count, not good. But, things are looking better today, I'm coughing far less, gonna take another couple of pills here and get back in business, I'm not going to try and be too ambitious tomorrow but, of course only doing 3 miles isn't exactly ambitious either, ha ha ha, that was a joke. Anyway, feeling better, preparing for rolling out tomorrow and headed for Red Pass Hills and Independence hill. I'm gonna try the pass in between them, that was the advice from Antarctic Logistics. It certainly looks like a huge, huge hill, but hopefully it will put me ahead here. Out!

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Audio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 42. Camp position South 83 degrees 46 decimal 096 minutes, position West 080 degrees 06 decimal 101 minutes. Distance traveled 1 1 or 11 miles,