Audio Dispatch

Antarctica, day 8, position South 80 degrees 16 decimal 918 minutes, position West 080 degrees 52 decimal 000 minute. Distance traveled today 3 nautical miles over 7 hours. I talk to the Dr. Union Glacier and the cough that I’ve had is getting worse so I started a course of anibiotics. Had a cold when I showed up at Punta Arenas and knocked that off but the cough started 1 day before I left, of course, so that means I showed up, pretty much, sick to Antarctica, not exactly the ideal circumstance. Every so often today I had a power up where I was like, hey yea I feel good, then I start going and all of a sudden I just get zonked and no energy so, at this rate I’ll never make it to the to the Pole and back so the Doc suggested taking a full rest day tomorrow. Not exactly what I want to do but, trying to get over this thing over a course of a couple weeks is definitely not an option, there’s no way I’m going to make it in that sort of rate so. I started taking drugs, gonna clock out, take a full day off tomorrow as much as I don’t want to. Being sick for a couple weeks or having this turn into pneumonia is worse so. Other than that a real beautiful day here. A light breeze and the white out has burned off into decent day light so. I’ll be clocking out and checking in tomorrow.

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