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Antarctica update, day 7, camp position South 80 degrees 14 decimal 106 minutes position West 080 degrees 45 decimal 107 minutes. Travel time 4 hours, distance 2 nautical miles. That was a doozying of 2 nautical miles I have ever traveled, other than for half an hour when things got clear, it was complete white out. In the morning was a white out and a ground blizzard, that got me a little scared so I didn’t get started until 2 o’clock, I didn’t want to get wiped out and I have to get used traveling those ground blizzards if I ever wanna make it though. I got to actually see sun dogs, and a sun, it wasn’t a sun pillar it was more like a sun pyramid, “that” I came a long way to see, and I was very happy to see it, even though it was only around for 15 minutes and then the clouds came back in. The rest was like walking in a complete white room with white walls and a white ceiling, never have experienced anything like it. Much of the time I had to look at what I thought was the ground and poke at it with my ski poles while I was walking. More than once my ski pole went into the air as I was standing on a serack or 2 above of just space. It wasn’t a crevasse but boy oh boy I stumbled and fell several times. I was amazed my sleds didn’t eat it more. I notice weight differential in my two sleds is really dragging me down so I gotta transfer a bunch of kilos of butter from one to the other, I think that’s causing me some problems, but not being able to see is also a problem. I was able to see the mountains to the South for about a half an hour so that made navigation a little easier. I was told that tomorrow morning is suppose to be 20 knot winds breaking down to 10 knot winds with some clearing, I hope so because I’m headed for a crevasse field and I really need to see what I’m doing before I head over the pass and on to the plateau. These first 7 days and 20 miles have been the toughest of my life hands down. I can’t believe I’ve only gone this far. Hopefully it’ll get better. Having a good time anyway, I mean it’s definitely an experience to travel in a Lucas film, it was like being blind and only being able to see light and dark, it was the weirdest thing ever. Other than that, having a good time and getting to bed a little bit earlier here, wiped out, that’s for sure, I can’t believe how much energy it takes. Also, it’s very strange, I found this little patch of sand and grit in the middle of nowhere and it was so remarkable because it stood out against that absolute white. I layed down and stared at it for a good minute or two, it was more and excuse to get out of the wind behind one my polks than anything else, but it was kinda interesting anyway. Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 50. Camp position South 85 degrees 17 decimal 948 minutes, West 081 degrees 22 decimal 156 minutes. Distance traveled 11.5 miles, time traveled 9 hours,