Audio Dispatch

Reporting in on day 6. Camp position South 80 degrees 12 decimal 687 minutes position West 080 degrees 41 decimal 715 minutes. Distance traveled 3 nautical miles, time, 8 hours. Today was rather crushing, the head wind was 40 knots in the morning, it was ripping off the top surface of the snow and snow blasting me. After about 2 o’clock the wind dropped down to 20 knots, so far more reasonable, relatively. Now I know what it’s like to drag 300 plus pounds while driving along Palm Avenue, not exactly pleasant. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little bit better, the sastrugi’s, not too bad here but I did attempt to try skiing for about 15 minutes and realized that was a total fail because the surface is hard and quite undulating so it actually took more energy and power to use ski’s than it did walking, I can tell that because I actually got hotter skiing, it was nice to be warm but I knew that it was just wasting energy. It’s been cold most of the day, minus 15 maybe minus 20 degrees, difficult to tell with that wind chill makes it minus 40 or so, so a lot of times my fingers and toes will go numb, I’ll have to of slap around or kick my feet, one time my pinky, man I thought that thing froze off almost immediately so I had to stop slap it around and give it some nursing because man I felt like I smashed it with a hammer. Moving right along, wish I was going faster, I definitely had some fantasies about how quickly I was gonna move here but based on the tracking position, I’m still on track, hopefully. Talk about mileage to make up this is unbelievable. But I actually got to see the 3 sails for the first time ever. If you have a chance, check out a map of Antarctica near Hercules Inlet, near Patriot Hills and you’ll actually see 3 sails there. Quite beautiful, it’s off in the distance there, maybe 14 miles. Certainly wish it was closer, I’ll be going up the hill in 2 days, it will definitely kick my butt, but hopefully that should put me on the Antarctic plateau and smooth out the surface and make things faster. Sure felt like there was something wrong with my sleds, but I shoved them around, no problem. More than once on the surface of the snow the wind actually pushed them back slightly, so I know that the wax job I’m doing on them every night is paying off, but boy it sure doesn’t feel like it. Signing off.

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