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Hello from Antarctica. Day 5 of travel. Camp position, South 80 degrees 09 decimal 704 minutes position West 080 degrees 34 decimal 451 minutes. Distance traveled 3 nautical miles, time 5 hours. Elevation 3200 feet I gained about 500 to 600 feet today. The weather this morning was incredible, I’ve never experienced anything like that before, the moment I got out of my tent, I’d blink a couple times and my eyes would freeze shut so I had to hop back in and warm them back up, so I put my goggles or glasses on I’d go outside and it’d flash fog freeze in a couple of seconds too. Then I noticed I was getting shoved around by the wind, so I figured out the wind was probably 40 plus knots. I don’t know, I’ve never experienced anything like that to have any comparison. So once the wind calmed down I was able to decamp at about 1 o’clock and start heading up hill. Still was quite cold, it felt as though someone put ice cubes in my right boot, that was not particularly fun and it took a long time to get really warm no matter what I did so I carried an extra jacket and hat on me so I felt a little bit better. After a couple hours the weather calmed down there’s only a light breeze, more enjoyable. Couldn’t believe the difference from this morning and last night to today it’s sunny and quite cold maybe minus 20 degrees based on the thermometer but that wind makes all the difference. Heading on now I can see the mountains that I’m headed North towards or crud not North, I’m headed towards South. I’m not sure if I can see the 3 sails yet but I believe I can see my target so, right now I’m headed dead South and on track. Hopefully I’ll start picking up more miles as I start to level out and get on to the plateau there. I’ve been waxing my skis everyday because the snow is so coarse it tears the wax off of them, so hopefully the 2 tins of paste wax I have will last me 90 days, that should be ok. The type of gear that I’ve been using, everything seems to be working well. Thank goodness I have a 40 degrees below sleeping bag plus a hotsac from Western Mountaineering. I don’t think I’d make it without that. The Cold Avenger mask probably saved my nose and my lips. I’ve got a little bit of a sunburn just from about 10 minutes in the sun. You spend so much as a minute without your glasses looking at the snow you start to get a headache, couple minutes and get snow blindness, it’s fast here. The sunburn happened in maybe 7-10 minutes in the sun, it’s a lite burn but definitely happened. Fingers are doing ok, keeping them as crack free as I can. Heading off to bed here, it’s about 9:30. Hoping the barometer will stay stable and I can have some good days here.

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

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