Audio Dispatch

This is a dispatch from Antarctica. Day 4 of travel, camp position, South 80 degrees 07 decimal 268 minutes, position West 080 degrees 27 decimal 155 minutes. Distance traveled today 3.5 nautical miles time of travel 7 hours. Conditions, bad very bad. Maybe minus 20 degrees, cause everything is frezing solid so probably minus 30. My thermometer’s pretty much bottomed out outside. It was a total whiteout for most of the day, so I was stumbling over everything, I couldn’t see anything I fell off of a couple sastrugi’s, nothing bad, definitely using my ski poles as walking sticks because I cannot see a thing. Head wind 20 to 30 miles per hour, definitely freezing, not pleasant but that’s part of the experience here. Over all doing pretty well. Going to the bathroom, especially number 2 in the wind like that is what you would call an experience. Camp is okay trying, to get my efficiency up. I think I’ve shaved about an hour off of what I was originally doing. Wake up still pretty rough, but when I’m not getting good sleep that’ll definitely do it to me. Other than that, thank you for all the messages. Dad I will definitely try the rope or twine on the boots. I gotta try something because I am dying trying to get going here. The snow was mostly hard all day then I ran into a couple soft patches where I thought, hey, this would be great to go skiing and then I hit hard patches so still no luck on skiing. Barometer is currently at 26.85 inches, definitely indicating weather here. I have increased altitude by just under 500 feet, I still got 2500 feet to go to the plateau, so a long long way to get up there. Hopefully I’ll begin to see Patriot Hills again tomorrow and I finally lost sight of Wilson Nunatak so I am making progress but it is crushingly slow. Other than that, having a good time.

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