Audio Dispatch

Day 13, Antarctica. Position South 80 degrees 24 decimal 490 minutes position West 081 degrees 03 decimal 803 minutes. Distance traveled a crushing 1.5 nautical miles, in a time of 5.5 hours. Doesn’t get any slower than this. Had this interesting dialog all thought up about about calling Hellink and asking requests about my weather, about why it was 40 to 50 knots, head winds straight in my face, complete white out conditions and ground blizzards. So I couldn’t see where I was going, but I guess that my standard excuse. Apparently the weathers going to be even worse tomorrow, same winds, but snow so I’ll be fighting that. Anybody have suggestions on how to go faster I am all ears. Also, also what?, oh yeah, if anyone has any suggestion how to stop the lens in your goggles from fogging in between the front and the back lens I’m all ears. I put it on in the tent and it does pretty well but the fog happens in between and I can’t do anything about that. Through those glasses and since the super hazy, wind blasty, snowy or complete white out, I guess being unable to see doesn’t really matter but that’s ok. Other than that, starting up hill quite seriously towards the Polar Plateau, I noticed I seemed to drift a little bit West here, I’ve been trying to correct that out but not having the ability to see and not wanting to wear my compass from, one of my sponsors, cause I keep stumbling around, I fell several times today, just the towing force can go from nothing where I go from skiing like “hey this is great” to 60 pounds, where I can’t even move that thing for a half minute, gets hung up on sastrugi I never even saw. Pretty amazing the variety of landscape especially with the first snow fall and now it’s all wind sculpted, and expecting to be even worse tomorrow so, I would suspect that it’s only gonna get tougher. So if you got any suggestions, please let me know. Out!

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