Audio Dispatch

Zoom! Hello Aaron in Antarctica, final day, I don’t really have a day count anymore cause well I finally made the Pole a day and a half ago. Had a super nice reception by Antarctic Logistics (ALE) here. I had a full plate of food, I mean a bunch of people stayed up til 1 to meet me, it was so nice. The flight back from the South Pole took 5 – 5 and a half hours, it was really really long, it’s definitely not conducive conditions. It was fascinating to see the landscape that took me almost 3 months to ski over. My actual vision of sustrugi and wall that from the ground I couldn’t tell what they were so seeing from the air was a real treat, so that was really good. Then in the camp I’m just packing up my gear now and the Russian jet the Ilyushin suppose to be her early afternoon when we’re suppose to pack up, so that was really good. I’ve met a couple climbers and guides and all sort of nice things or people. One thing everybody asks me is I gotta see if I can find a scale to weigh myself, everybody said I look like a ridiculous scarecrow with my clothes hanging off, apparently lost more weight than I though, so that’s kinda funny how my pants keep falling down so it’s rather annoying. Uh one, a couple bad notes, a French Filmer I met yesterday, they flew out to the dome and well he broke his leg and also there’s an aircraft lost out here in the Trans Antarctic, no news but it’s out in the British news and the New Zealand news, so if you look you Tim Borek you’ll be able to find more information, definitely want to send some prayers out to them. They don’t have any communication so it doesn’t mean anything when the transponder went off so that’s never a good thing unfortunately so. The family down here is definitely hoping and praying for those folks, that’s for sure. Thank you so much for my sponsors and supporters for making this trip entirely possible for, without you I wouldn’t have been here or even had the chance to ever fulfill a dream I’ve had for over 10 years, I mean, just the opportunity to do that and then apparently I was told I believe I’m the second only American ever to solo to the South Pole, ever. The first was Todd Carmichael in 2008, he has the speed record for solo, unsupported and apparently I have the anti speed record, but I’ll deal with that, that’s ok with me so. It was pretty interesting to meet a couple people that are actually amazed at what I did and I don’t maybe I don’t think about it right but I’ll uh I guess I’ll have to learn to think about it differently. Anyway, I’ve got to get packed up cause I definitely don’t want to miss my flight home, can not become a permanent resident here. Again, thank you so much for everyone who followed me, all my supporters and all my sponsors, you guys really made this dream a total reality and all my tough times, the last 10 days, 12 days where I got worked over and skiing blind and just having a hard time. I knew I would grind it out but trying to handle the mind junk is just an experience so. Hopefully it will alter my life a little bit and I’ll become a better person and move forward and move on and move up. Thank you very much and I’ll hopefully shoot an update once I get back to the states. Thanks! Out!

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