Article in ExplorersWeb on the Linsdau Expedition

Thank you to Correne Coetzer and the folks at for posting my after-action expedition article.  I tried to give as much information and provide inspiration  from my expedition to the South Pole.

Sadly, I was not able to complete the round trip.  It just was not possible for me.  And, really, I don’t think it was possible for anyone this year.  Even the best and most experienced expeditioners were unable to complete their goals this season.  So for me, the polar rookie, this was a satisfying accomplishment.

Below is a PDF of the article from Explorersweb.  Thank you for letting me run the reprint!  Click on the below link for the PDF.

Polar News ExplorersWeb – ExWeb interview with Aaron Linsdau _just making the South Pole became a monumental challenge for me_

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