Arrived in Punta Arenas

I have arrived in Punta Arenas with what appears to be all my gear, as well as the food that just arrived today.
It was a 24 hour continuous travel from Los Angeles to the tip of South America in Chile. The flights weren’t too bad, as they were spaced out in an eight hour, and two 3 hour chunks. It made it livable.


I’ve had longer but that not with this amount of gear, food, and general stress to make sure everything is okay. In any place I can buy things to get away with problems but in Antarctica there is no Walmart.


I have begun shopping around to purchase both my butter and my cheese for final supply.

It is somewhat of a production to manage that, as I have to store everything cold so it does not go bad or, as the British say, go off.

The hotel I am in, Condor de Plata, is nice. The rooms aren’t anything particular to write home about but they are comfy and relatively quiet. The hotel staff has said that it is generally cool here all year round. It is not particularly cold, but the breeze makes everything just a little chilly (50 deg F / 10 deg C). It seems like everyone here walks around in jackets all the time.

My first OK meal in Punta Arenas, Chile

Apparently this hotel is very popular with expeditioner’s and adventures, as the room prices are relatively reasonable. They’re still $75 a night, but a far cry from the $300-$400 other places were asking.

The advantage to is that the team I am going with, ALE & RAAL, have used this hotel quite frequently, so they’re familiar with it. I did not want to do anything too out of the ordinary for management of time and travel.
I’m going to need to get a few hours of shut eye, as I really didn’t get any on the plane. I don’t want to wipe myself out before beginning a three-month journey.


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