Advertising in roller derby

IMG_2470smI photographed for the Juggernauts roller derby a few weeks ago. Their catalog is out now with my advertisement in it. Thank you Thrasher!

It was a fun time photographing all the ladies, as it was a mad rush to complete the job during their practice and still make them all look good. No pressure there.

As a sponsor of the team, I really enjoyed the interaction and I look forward to working with them throughout the season. This roller derby isn’t your 1970’s material with hair pulling and punches. The referees are very strict on the rules and I still haven’t figured it all out.

One of the interesting things about this type of photography is I have the chance to make something a little more creative than just the high-key relatively flat light portraiture. As the graphic artist and team managers were on-board with my idea, I was able to run freely with what I thought would work.

As with all photo sessions like this, I made sure to take plenty of shots because some end up as blinkers, funky faces and the like. It’s just the nature of photographing people – sometimes you catch them at just the wrong time where they don’t look just right. After sifting through those photos and deleting out the bad ones, I ended up with a good selection of material for the team to work with.

IMG_8625smYou can see to the right the layout concept. I photographed the players in different poses so that the layout artist could place them in rows and columns with a unified look. It actually came out better than I had hoped. Chalk up one for a little advance planning!

Giving the art director and the layout artist something to work with and lots of options was very important for this work, as there might be something unforeseen that doesn’t work with one or another player. It’s difficult to think of all the possible issues one might encounter, as I tried to do during my expedition across Antarctica. But I always try do my best with what’s available and most of the time it works out pretty well.

We also created their first poster as well. The shot was a composite of multiple pairs of players made to look like a movie poster. There are more posters coming out out, so be watchful.

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