Adding .mobi file to Kindle for Mac

As I’m writing my book, all sorts of technical issues come up, like what word processor to use, how to manage content, and then this:

My own Kindle .mobi book in Kindle for Mac

My own Kindle .mobi book in Kindle for Mac

Can you read your home-brewed mobi files on Kindle Reader for Mac? If so, how?


To make a downloaded or created Kindle file (extension .mobi) available in the Kindle for Mac program, the file has to be dragged over the application icon in the open application bar in Mountain Lion.  Kindle for Mac doesn’t have an option to import the file.  Copying the file into:

Kindle in application bar

Kindle in application bar

Users – User name – Library – Application Support – Kindle – My Kindle Content

does not make the .mobi file show up, either.  Kindle has to import and convert the .mobi file into two separate .mpb and .azw files before showing up in the library.  The only way to do the import is to drag the file over that icon.  It is a little obtuse, as I never would have guessed to do it.  But that’s Mac.  Thank goodness for Google answering my questions.  Now I have this blog for future notes if nothing else.

Also, getting the user library to show up is a trick.  It’s a hidden folder to prevent unwary users from trashing their machine.  To show the folder, click into the Users home folder, then click Go->Go to folder… and type in library.  From here you can navigate around.  Be careful – you can really wreck things if you fool around with the contents of this folder.  You have been warned.

Kindle contents path

Kindle contents path

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