Adversity Expert gear,Training Adding a dimension

Adding a dimension

I added a dimension to the basic tire dragging route.  My backpack came along with me for

Arcteryx Pack

Arcteryx Pack for extra load

the drag.  Having that pack added a ton of load to my hips, making it feel as though I hadn’t backpacked in years.  In a way, it was funny to feel that load again.  It reminded me of my old Boy Scout backpacking days when we carried 50 pound packs.  And I only weighed 120 pounds.

Now I can carry that load and not feel like my spine is compressed to a fixed bone column.  My technique and equipment is much better, making it much more liveable.  But, the only reason I’m carrying that pack weight is when I’m in Greenland fully contained in winter conditions.  Otherwise the pack base weight (no food or water) is around 12 pounds.

Beats the 40 we used to carry.

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