Added jewelry portfolio page

112-1100-PBS-14-1161-Edit-531I’m excited to have added a jewelry photography sample page to my portfolio of images. This is just a sampling of the images I’ve created for clients. Their products are special and delicate, so I take the utmost care when handling, processing, and preparing them. As some of the pieces in the portfolio are in excess of $10,000, they required special handling.

Many of the shots were done at the client’s site in order to minimize the risk and stress of photographing high-end valuable products. There are several reasons for this:

  • Eliminate cost and risk of shipping
  • Essentially eliminate the “down time” of pieces not on the sales floor
  • Providing instant feedback for the client to ensure their needs are met without costly reshoots
  • Reduces or eliminate the need for additional insurance because all pieces never leave the client’s business

112-1100-PBS-15-1278-Edit-mod-531Photographing jewelry is one of the most complex types of photography there is. Not only is the work technically demanding, there is a high level of artistry needed to take a photo of a ring and turn it into art. So often I receive jewelry samples which have dings, buff marks, scratches, and other undesirable defects. Even with brand new polished jewelry, there are always small defects present in the product.

But with photographs, each client wants their jewelry to look perfect, inducing the buyer to want, if not need, to purchase the piece. I go to great lengths to produce the most appealing and attractive images possible. Clients are always astounded at the level of technical effort and hours of post-processing necessary to make an image look as good as they do.

I am happy to travel to the client’s site to photograph high-value items. Although I prefer to shoot products in my studio, I understand and appreciate the client’s need for reduced risk, feedback, and turnaround time. If the client is able to ship their samples to me, this is always better than having me travel to their site to reduce cost. I look forward to delivering  high quality jewelry images to my clients in the future.

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