Aaron at the Pole!!

Aaron finally made it to the South Pole on January 21, 2013.  Interesting, according to the

Aaron at the South Pole

Aaron at the South Pole

South Pole station, he was there on January 22.  The station runs on New Zealand time, so he walked across the date line on that one.

After one harrowing adventure after another, he completed his decade-old dream to ski to the South Pole.

Due to multiple circumstances, it will not be possible for him to make the round trip to the coast.  Arriving in early March is a no-go for Antarctica.  The sun has nearly set for the year and the weather deteriorates remarkably.

For all the expeditions that had trouble this year, Aaron’s was no exception.  But, he still had a good time and enjoyed every minute of it.  He certainly wouldn’t trade the experience in for anything in the world.

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