A week off and still good

After a week off of towing due to Thanksgiving travel, I’m still doing well with tire towing times. My short morning route was still 27 minutes for 1.4 miles. It’s t minus 2 weeks until I ship up to Wyoming to give my basic rig the full run.
With the new harness that arrived from skipulk.com, I was able to pull the tire with less pressure in my midsection. When the drag on the road got intense, the shoulder straps helped me take the load off the waist.
I did do two runs in Lewiston, ID of about 10 miles. It wasn’t as challenging as the local neighborhood with hills but testing the body in a new location adds additional mental challenge.

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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 38. Camp position South 83 degrees 03 decimal 235 minutes, position west 079 degrees 55 decimal 023 minutes. Time traveled 8 hours, distance 11 nautical