2 tire distance

Traveling 0.6 miles in 3.5 hours is a lesson in humility and knowing when to call it.

2 tires up Old Teton Pass Road

2 tires up Old Teton Pass Road

Towing 2 tires up Old Teton Pass Road afforded me just that opportunity.

It is about 1 mile from the trail head parking lot to Crater Lake.  After a massive amount of effort and laughingly getting nowhere, I ended up at the mark on the map.

Crater Lake

Crater Lake

I actually had a really good time attempting the near impossible.  It was entertaining to try something I quickly figured out was not going to work.  And that was okay.  Finding out what it will be like when I hit impossible conditions was important.  Learning how my mind and body respond to such things will help me when I’m out on the Antarctic plateau.  Better to figure it out now than when I’m alone out there.


Once I realized and accepted that I was going to cover no ground for the day, I was very content with what I was going to accomplish.  At times, taking 6+ minutes to cover 100 yards was frustrating.  And then, after examining the load, it all made sense and the worry went away.

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Towed up Old Pass Road

I towed up Old Pass Road from Wilson to Teton Pass today. The road goes from 6,400′ to 8,400′. It took me 4.5 hours to tow up and 2 hours

Audio Dispatch

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