2-day soreness

I can’t believe that I am suffering from 2-day soreness after doing the Insanity fit test. It is a very difficult fitness test primarily focusing on cardio and flailing away, though it is quite impressive at measuring your basic capacity.

If you are not halfway in shape, you will likely hurl after getting done with the half hour, if you can keep up with it at all. I struggled. My abs are sore, shoulders are in pain, and surprisingly my legs are achy. This actually makes me happy because it shows that I have weaknesses in my training regimen.

I would much rather have problems identified now, showing the holes, rather than arriving at the big game and realizing I’ve missed something completely.


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A text I sent today: You must fall in love with hills. They will make you stronger, faster and more resilient. Be one with the hill. You might have been