Latest sponsor – It’s Jackson Time

Thank you very much to It’s Jackson Time for your generous sponsorship!  The retail

It's Jackson Time
It’s Jackson Time

store is located in Jackson, WY, under the Snake River Grill and next to Yippy I-O Candy.  Mr. Garcia is a purveyor of both fine watches and knives with the accompanying tactical accessories.

African Leopard #1 World Record
African Leopard #1 World Record
Zimbabwe, Africa

He also has a selection of world-class trophy mounts located all throughout the store, many of which I photographed for him to promote his site on both the web and through Ebay.

If you are in Jackson Hole, WY, it is well worth to take a few moments to stop by It’s Jackson Time and enjoy some of the animal specimens.

Some of the samples are the #1 World Record of an African Leopard, a Marco Polo Argali Sheep from Tajikistan, 1 of 2 top hunting trophies ever, and a massive mountain lion hidden in the back of the store.

I’ve seen a North American lion in Orofino, ID, that was listed as 140 pounds and I thought that cat was large until I saw this one.  The not-so-little kitty stealthing around in the back of the store actually made me stop in my tracks for a moment.  This is because I’ve had a healthy fear of catamounts (mountain lions) from being in the San Diego back country as well as traipsing through the Golden Trout Wilderness, where I ran across hour-old lion tracks.  I also heard a squirrel chirping in the distance, letting me know something was amiss.  They have my utmost respect.

Thank you It’s Jackson Time!

2 tire distance

Traveling 0.6 miles in 3.5 hours is a lesson in humility and knowing when to call it.

2 tires up Old Teton Pass Road
2 tires up Old Teton Pass Road

Towing 2 tires up Old Teton Pass Road afforded me just that opportunity.

It is about 1 mile from the trail head parking lot to Crater Lake.  After a massive amount of effort and laughingly getting nowhere, I ended up at the mark on the map.

Crater Lake
Crater Lake

I actually had a really good time attempting the near impossible.  It was entertaining to try something I quickly figured out was not going to work.  And that was okay.  Finding out what it will be like when I hit impossible conditions was important.  Learning how my mind and body respond to such things will help me when I’m out on the Antarctic plateau.  Better to figure it out now than when I’m alone out there.


Once I realized and accepted that I was going to cover no ground for the day, I was very content with what I was going to accomplish.  At times, taking 6+ minutes to cover 100 yards was frustrating.  And then, after examining the load, it all made sense and the worry went away.

ANI Training baseline

In order to march across Antarctica on a guided trip, you have to be able to handle the ANI Training Baseline Fitness program. If you’re not able to sustain an hour of intense activity (running, tire towing, cross country skiing) at least 3 months in advance of your trip, you will not make it.


Right before leaving, you have to be doing 8-10 hours a day to have a chance of surviving the ice. Dragging heavy things through really cold places demands massive commitment.

As I look at the training log ANI/ALE puts out, I can see why my last trip to Yellowstone was both good and bad.  The good – my training was pretty good.  The bad – I wasn’t doing 8 hours a day.  Experiencing the consequence of that made me realize a life change was in order.  My training was good but not to the 8-10 hour level prior to departure. There’s no general way I can simultaneously work a full time job and train like this.

So, having a little life-altering meltdown may be exactly what is needed to make this whole expedition possible. Dump everything and concentrate on this. Otherwise, all the time, effort, and money will be for naught.