TPG Photo Wednesdays

Viewfinder issues
Viewfinder issues

I’ve been self-assigned the duty of creating Photo Wednesdays with the Teton Photography Group. To foster discussion, have a good time and improve communication between photographers in the group, we’re going to do this.

Loren Nelson will be sending out more specifics. Specifically, it’s informal, post your photo you think is interesting, even it’s your house cat. We’ll eventually have themes, but it’s a forum for everyone to post, have fun, and learn something. It’s a supportive environment and I hope to grow this into something fun that people always like to check out every Wednesday.

This will be open to everyone who is a TPG member, more details from Loren forthcoming, but we expect it to be fun and worth the time. Even if your photo is like the above and you’re hoping to get some discussion, it’ll be good. You see the pink area? That’s from light leakage in the Nikon D800. That’s why it has a little hatch on the viewfinder for long exposures. I learned that one. But it does make the photo more colorful, so maybe it worked out.

Post-processing symposium

DSC03347smThis weekend the Teton Photography Group is hosting their 3rd symposium, Post Processing for Digital Photography in the Black Box theater at the Art Center in Jackson Hole.

If you have taken many photographs but aren’t sure how to process them to get them to the next level, this is the event to attend.

Many photographers take shots and then just email/print/post them as is and they receive a tepid response. Why is this? Because they aren’t sure what their final image was going to look like when they took the shot. Visualization of what the final product is going to look like is of the utmost importance when photographing. Otherwise you end up with shots looking like they were taken in a parking lot.

You will be motivated and excited by the speakers, as all of us have experience in how to make images better. But it’s not about our ability to make images better, it’s about us teaching you how to make YOUR shots better. All of the speakers are entertaining, educational and, most importantly, accessible. We do our best to answer questions and to help guide you through the labyrinth of photo editing.

9 panel, 3-d panorama stitch
9 panel, 3-d panorama stitch

This symposium will cover some shooting and composition with respect to post processing, that is, what you do after you click the shutter. How do you use Lightroom, what’s the best way to edit your shots, and more advanced techniques for:

  • Panorama multi-image shooting
  • HDR (high dynamic range) images
  • Focus stacking
  • Black and white processing

These symposiums have been very well received because attendees get a lot of education for their time and the nominal cost. If you have ever wanted to learn the basics of how to make your photographs look better, this is the event to attend.

Click here for the symposium link and become a better photographer today.

Jackson Hole Daily news article about the symposium
Jackson Hole Daily news article about the symposium


Teton Photo Group Symposium

DSC03347smThank you to the Teton Photography Group for having me as one of their guest speakers at their Basic Digital Photography Symposium on Saturday, Mar 22, 2014.

Sponsored by the Art Association of Jackson Hole, the Teton Photography Group now sports over 170 members, one of the largest and most successful photography groups in the Rocky Mountain northern territory.

symposium brochure extThe symposium featured four different speakers, each a professional in his own right:

The 40 attendees of the 5 hour talk received instruction on different topics of basic photography, such as composition, framing, how to use the histogram and selecting different lenses.

symposium brochure intAt the break, several of the attendees began questioning me on the subjects I presented:

  • How not to ruin a photo
  • Manual vs autofocus
  • Camera shake
  • Stabilization techniques

and we had an impromptu discussion demonstrating some of the techniques with their individual cameras. Those questions prompted me to open my private photography tutoring course. The need for individual lessons is higher than I thought in Jackson Hole and, as such, I created the course offering. As several people also had questions about their Nikon camera, I will also offer Nikon-specific private tutoring sessions as well. Some of the functions of a modern DSLR are esoteric but have a huge impact on the quality and performance of of camera.

As I am a motivational and inspirational speaker, I always enjoy standing in front of a group of people and presenting on different topics. Based on the feedback the director of the Teton Photography Group received, all of the speakers were well received and provided valuable information.

Added private lessons

DSC03347smI’ve added private photography lessons to my offering of courses after several requests during today’s Teton Photography Symposium.

We had an excellent turnout for the talk, even though the Snow King Hill Climb was taking place at the same time. There are some very dedicated photographers in the valley. The group was enjoyable and we received very good feedback on topics for future classes. There were a stunning 13 different ideas for photography classes. If someone has a suggestion, please let me know and I’ll pitch it to the Jackson Hole Art Association.

With private photography lessons, you can learn in a comfortable, private setting at your own pace. If you don’t understand something, I will review whatever is confusing you. There is no threat of feeling foolish in front of a class full of students. I am patient and remember when I was struggling with my camera, too!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Teton Photography Group March 2014 symposium!

Teton Photography Group Symposium

I will be presenting today at the Teton Photography Group symposium on improving

Mineral King, East Fork Kaweah River
Mineral King, East Fork Kaweah River

your photography technique and making great images.  My presentation is on Intermediate Camera Technique.  There is a lot of material to cover in 35 minutes.  It will only be an overview, as each of the topics can be an entire day’s class if you really want to get into it.

An article about it:

It sounds like the event is near capacity and I hope a few more will show up.  See you there!