Speaking in Driggs

I’m excited to be speaking in Driggs, Idaho on August 9, 2017, at the senior center. I’ll talk about how to view, photograph, and enjoy the total eclipse on August 21, 2017.

You want to make sure to attend this talk if you’re in the area. How will you safely view the eclipse? What’s the best way to avoid damaging your camera or your eyes? I’ll tell you how!

This will be an exciting and entertaining talk. As a motivational speaker, I’ll add energy and excitement to the presentation. No boring stuff here!

Aaron on KHOL

Radio interviewAaron on KHOL

Both myself and Thomas Macker from the Art Association were featured this morning on Jackson Hole KHOL 89.1 radio. Brielle hosted both of us to talk about the 4th Teton Photography Symposium.

For the spring Teton Photography Group program, we’re covering photographic composition. It’s the most important aspect of photography, well ahead of exposure and basic camera management. If you don’t know where and how to point your camera, all of the exposure controls in the world won’t help you.

We’re bringing in several professional photographers and artists for this one. Attendees will enjoy speeches from:

Teton Photography Group Symposium Presenters

  • Heather Erson
  • David Agnello
  • Ed Lavino
  • Chase Dekker
  • Roger Hayden
  • Thomas Macker
  • Richard Tambor

Each of these speakers brings their own photographic and artistic genre to life. Each is special in their own way, sharing their knowledge with the audience. They’re all worth listening to, as how they view the world will help you better view yours.

The symposium is on Mar 14, 2015, from 830am to 315pm at the Black Box Theater in the Center for the Arts.

Come, enjoy, learn and ask questions. I know I will!

Aaron Radio Interview

Listen to the radio interview here:


Thanks to Kelly for recording this for me in her Toyota FJ (hence the tin can sound).


Thank you St. James!

Thank you so much to St. James Lutheran Church in Imperial Beach, CA, for

St. James News Letter
St. James News Letter

the follow-up blurb in its July 2013 news letter. It was a wonderful time and I enjoyed speaking to an enjoyable audience.  Pastor Jones and the St. James staff were more than accommodating for the event, providing a sound man, projector and screen.  Plus, there was the tasty taco bar made by Diane Linsdau, my aunt with culinary talent.

Expedition Presentation at St. James Lutheran, Imperial Beach, CA

On June 23, 2013, I will be making a presentation on my expedition at St.

St. James Polar Event
St. James Polar Event, in the news letter

James Lutheran Church in Imperial Beach, CA. (866 Imperial Beach Blvd. , Imperial Beach, CA 91932 , http://www.stjamesib.org/).  Click on the picture to the right to see the full flyer.

I understand the event will be coordinated with a pot luck meal as well.  The community is invited to attend the event.

For this presentation, I will give a sampler of the material I will be making for corporate and event clients, too.  This evening will not only be a discussion about what it was like to trek across Antarctica, but also presenting a message of never giving up, accepting change and pursuing one’s dreams.  I’ll also provide a little insight into how I took calculated risks to get the expedition going in spite of naysayers.

Please check with the church by calling at 619.424.6166 for updated information on the event.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Speaking at Dehesa Charter School

Thank you so much to Dehesa Charter School in Escondido, CA, for having

Dehesa Charter School
Dehesa Charter School

me out to speak about my expedition to Antarctica.

The class, led by Ms. Beardsley, was very attentive and loaded with intelligent questions.  Thus far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the level of inquisitiveness by the school children.  Really, “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader”, is quite true.

Antarctic rabbit
Antarctic rabbit

The kids knew there are no polar bears in the Antarctic (thank goodness).  Right there, they had masses of adults beat out.  Aside from bears in zoos, there are no polar bears within thousands of miles of where I was in Antarctica.  In fact, other than perhaps a few microbes and bacteria blown in on the wind, there was none, zero, nada life where I trekked, from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole.

The students at Dehesa Charter were massively excited to learn about the

Spirograph artist
Spirograph artist

expedition and what it was like down there.  Interestingly, one of the most important questions from the kids was about my partially living off of butter.  For me, it seems perfectly normal that it was necessary to chomp down on two sticks of butter a day to maintain my energy and weight.  Yet, for others who have never traveled and camped in extreme cold, eating quantities of butter is an alien activity.

Also, they seemed to wonder if I might have any imaginary friends while I was down there.  I didn’t have any imaginary friends but I did take Monster with me.  So in a way, yes I did take an imaginary friend.  He was Wilson, a la Castaway, in the modern vernacular.  Monster is a book and stuffed friend children’s series being developed for sale mid-next year (2014).

Ms. B's Class
Ms. B’s Class

I was happy to share my story with the students and was extremely honored to receive a book created by Ms. Beardsley’s class.  In this book, the pupils wrote questions and made drawings about the expedition.  I was blown away how good their hand writing is.  In future blog posts, I’ll put in these pictures and answer each child’s question.

And, too, several pictures were given to me, made right after my talk.  I will happily post those up.  Thank you so much!  The children were inspiring, as their inquisitive energy made me smile and their enthusiasm was quite overwhelming.

When looking at the cart full of butter, one of the students asked, “Did they

Spring flower
Spring flower

think you were crazy when you brought all that butter up front?”  Yes, the checker at the register did!  In fact, it took three transactions to ring up the 140 blocks of butter because Abu Gosch’s point of sale system couldn’t handle that many copies of an item.

It was fun to see all three grades, 1-3, immersed in the subject.  They didn’t fiddle or become distracted at all.  The discipline these young children had was amazing, to say the least.  For something that might be boring, like geography, cartography, transportation, and camping, these bright sparks showed no boredom at all.

Thank you, Dehesa Charter Elementary and Ms. Beardsley!

Setting up speaking events

Things are beginning to roll with setting up speaking engagements.  I love to

Public speaking and the microphone
Public speaking and the microphone

invigorate audiences and get them excited, not only about what I have done but also, more importantly, what they are doing with their lives.  Although it’s interesting to hear about someone talk about their experiences at the edge of the Earth, listening to a talk can be so much more than that.

One of my goals with speaking about my expedition is to help people look at what their dreams might be or once were and evaluate them.  Maybe this is the first time they’ve heard about someone putting everything on the line to pursue something they’re really passionate about.  I have been blown away by how many people have told me they were inspired to do something after following my expedition.

Others may simply be interested as an armchair adventurer in what it’s really like to ski to the South Pole.  And that’s good, too!  I would have loved the opportunity to listen someone speak about this and have the chance to ask questions afterward.  I always make sure to keep myself available before and after an event in case someone wants to air  their questions in a more personal manner.

I am very excited to connect with the public, sharing what I did and how I handled it all.