Trip journal

I started using Siri to transcribe my journal. I’m finding that’s incredibly fast. Probably about as fast as I can type it. But I’m not sitting there typing.
I can just lounge around wherever I want.
I’ll definitely have this done far faster than any other journal typed up.
I was going to buy Dragon naturally speaking for my computer but Siri seems to do just as well. Plus it’s not another $40 out of my pocket.
Once again iPhone has proved its value immediately.

Getting pics from your iPhone to your XP computer

Check out this handy link:

Transferring from iPhone to XP Computer

It was very helpful to get my pix and video from the trip from my iPhone to my PC (Windows XP).  It took several minutes of searching it out to find it because I was looking in the wrong direction.

For whatever reason, the backup system on my iTunes doesn’t direct to where everyone else says it does.  I don’t really care about that because my iTunes account will recover it.  But the photos and video are a whole other matter.

The essence of the copy is to

  1. Go into Start->Programs->Accessories->Scanner and Camera Wizard
  2. In the Welcome Screen, select “advanced users only”
  3. Select explore like a folder (or something like that)
  4. Windows will pop up a file explorer window allowing access to the iPhone’s camera and video folder.

And there you have it!  Much easier than trying to root around for the iPhone backup that seems non-existent on my PC.

Field updates

I’ve been working on updating my website for a few with some serious help.  One thing I’ve been trying to do is embed a map of my current position.  This has been a little more challenging, as it has to be done in the field.

The goal is to do field updates with my iPhone for the Yellowstone expedition in a few weeks.  There are various services and devices (Spot) to do this.  However, for the moment it’s just another bill against the funds to get me to Antarctica.

As such, there’s a risk I won’t have a good enough data connection to send map updates and I’ll be out of business on the website.  That would be unfortunate but it’s worth a try.  One trick I did find with the iphone is screen capture.  That would be my last hurrah in trying to update my site from the field.

To do a screen capture with the iphone, simple click the home and power buttons at the same time.  The screen will be captured to your pictures (camera roll).  You can then email, send or whatever else you want to do with that.

Very handy indeed.