I did a little test last night while walking barefoot on the beach. A few days ago, I did a tow and then run combination. I found that doing it in that order was a mistake.

It was warm that day, so I was sweating a lot and pushing it hard. But then I felt a little bit of soreness on the top of my right foot. It was nothing to stop me from running, so I kept going but more gently. It had to do with running downhill, something that is always tough on the body no matter what.

During last night’s test, every several hundred yards on the beach, I twisted and pulled on my foot to see what was going on. It feels like a little bit of the fibrous tissue across the top of my foot hurts at certain angles. It doesn’t bark when sitting around, though. If it did, I would be more worried.

One thing that has happened is I have worn out all my running shoes, so I’m not wearing them anymore. I’ve been marching around in my boots all the time. I think this may be weakening my feet. It is time to go find myself a couple pair of walking shoes, as I do not run in regular shoes any more.

Today it’s a few doses of Advil and then no running. Maybe I’ll go for a bike ride or something that doesn’t use the top of my foot.


Biding my time

After last weekend’s assault on the body, I’ve been taking several days off to let things heal

Foot xray
Foot xray

up and not be sore.  As much as I like pushing it, “pushing” though the pain is usually the best way to get really hurt.  It seems like the manly thing to do but that man ends up seeing a doctor.

As it was, I went to visit the doc to make nothing was seriously wrong with my foot.  My biggest concern was a break or crack.  The soy milk and leafy greens diet has still paid off – nothing significant injured!

So, it’s just a few days off, some ice and then heat.  It’s the standard stuff.  One thing I’m making sure to do is alphabets with both ankles.  The technique to use is pretend you have a pencil held with your toes.  Now pretend to scratch out the entire alphabet with your foot.  As big as you can make it.

You will be amazed how quick your ankle and foot will tire from this activity.  It’s that and doing the towel scrunches.