Nearly 2 hours

According to the schedule, I should be at 100 minutes a day of heavy workout. Haha! It’s been fairly easy to make the adjustment to this, but as the time for working out has increased, it’s become clear I’ve got to have most everything on auto-pilot. As I move into the multi-hour workouts, it’s going to get that much more difficult to keep on top of daily chores.

As is, I almost started getting hungry at the end of the session. Good thing I had 3 slices of bacon waiting at home for me.  And the last of my protein drinks from Costco.

My breakfasts are hovering at the 900 calorie mark:

  • Soy milk: 100
  • Bacon (4 slices): 180
  • Butter (3 pats): 108
  • Old fashioned oatmeal: 150
  • High-protein chocolate shake: 160
  • Molases (1/4 cup): 240
  • Craisins: 130
  • Total: 1068 calories before 10am

And now I’m hungry 1/2 hour after.  I think I’ll have 2 boiled eggs.

Best time yet

My short route time is still getting better.  It’s good but it tells me that I’m not at peak performance ability.  I was able to crank out the 1.4 miles in 26 minutes.  3.2 miles per hour.  My average speed is now my walking speed.  That’s great!  It’s my best speed yet.

Funny thing – a guy slowed down in the morning to take a photograph of me.  I gave him the thumbs up, he snapped the shot and continued taking his kids to school.

It must be pretty funny to see a guy dragging a tire wearing shorts outside of his sweats, using trekking poles.  Too bad I was drinking from my water bottle at the time.  I need to grab a friend to get some better photographs.