Additional supporter

Thank you very much to Dr. James L. of Jackson, WY, for your generous donation supporting this expedition to the South Pole and back.  Without supporters like yourself, this trek of 1,450 miles would be impossible.

Considering the HIGH temperature today at the Russian Lake Vostok station will be -58 degrees (that’s right, MINUS) today, there’s always a chance of cold or other injury.  Being ready to deal with those things is critical to my success and having supporters who make it possible for me to be fully equipped down there makes all the difference.

Morning workout

Thank goodness it is starting to get cool in the mornings here. I’m not sure how long that will last, though I hope it continues through August.20120804-160701.jpg

Having it be just about 45 deg in the morning and get up to 50 deg by the time I was done with my workout made me very happy. Trudging around in the beating sun is just not enjoyable. If I was training for crossing the Sahara, I would wear a trash bag the whole time just to burn myself up.

Granted, by the time I got home from the ride, my feet were quite cold. I’m going to have to get a pair of riding booties to keep this up into September. Assuming, that is, if it does not start snowing. Then in that case, I will have to revert to towing and perhaps running only.

The ultimate pen?

This is the ultimate pen.  There have been many others but there can only be One.  This is

Fischer space pen
Fischer space pen

it.  Of the few I’ve used, the M4B Military Version is my favorite edition.  It has served me for years in north Africa, China, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Greenland and other inhospitable places.  As the advertisement says, it can write from -30 deg F to 250 deg F without problem, as well as underwater, upside down and through grease.  I’ve tested 3 of the specifications and found them to be solid.

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